HTC Ville specifications leak, will run Ice Cream Sandwich

10 November, 2011
Slated to be announced at Mobile World Congress next year, it will also be the first phone to have Sense 4.0.

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  • Ab

Folks, this picture is only a generic one and the phone is still in the "codename" stage. This is not the actual and final design.

  • Anonymous

HTC phones are getting boring, they should just release three phones every year for the low, middle & high end of the market.

  • AnonD-23670

Great Specs :)
No info on battery?

  • Anonymous

boring design with minor update

every week or so, HTC releases smartphones, but never update every single of their phones. Im not talking about low-end phones, but high-end phones like my thunderbolt. very poor customer survice.

Time to ditch HTC and move to other brands...

  • buttons?

I don't see any dedicated buttons like menu/back,etc.

  • Overviewer

It seems that manufacturers are keen to compete against each other by releasing their most competent devices. Finally the display is an AMOLED one. From the pic, the phone seems to be a monster but luckily it is only 4.3 inches; a small compact phone with high-end features :) Keep it up HTC

  • Anonymous

It seems HTC releases&announces every week or month with minor update. However they not gonna update eveyone of them. Poor customer after service :(

  • rynn

no NFC? it's ady 2012 lo... Really sad.

  • Anonymous

an HTC with super amoled is everyone dream !!

  • willstay

Samsung has been launching amazing stuffs recently, HTC/Motorola don't catch much of my attention these days.

  • Anonymous

Ugly as usual HTC!

  • JOHN

quad core?

  • hammad

same thing again and again and again and again...please make something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
same processor , same camera...same everything...WTF

  • Anonymous

So the mobile industry no longer need an industrial designer anymore..

  • AnonD-27428

Hmmm, I agree with you guys.. It is a good upgrade.. But, do you think other competitors sleep till next year MWC?? They come up even with best specs and blazing speeds. Specially, Now Motorola will come up with all big things in near future as Google acquisition do take place too... So, Ville or whatever only a short span of joy....

  • hmm

looks stupid..

  • Action Kamen

mana nih ?...

abang dah lapar,

nak pergi lunch nihh...

  • Geezay

This is a serious upgrade candidate. Hopefully the battery performance is decent...

  • AnonD-5449

Lol! Ville is a Finnish man's name!

  • Anonymous

This is as generic as a phone design can get...