Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL pricing and availability roundup

10 October 2018
Pixel 3 and 3 XL pricing and availability of all 13 markets.

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I actually don't mind the design. Think iPhone 7. Apple used the same design for THREE generations. People need to understand that phones are like automobiles. Designs don't drastically change annually. It takes four years until a total revamp.

Even the deep notch on the Pixel 3 XL doesn't bother me. People will get used to it like they did to the iPhone X. What bothers me is Google raised the price on the smaller Pixel 3 by $150 but not the RAM. This year, 6 GB RAM should be STANDARD.

2012-2013 = 2 GB
2014-2015 = 3 GB
2016-2017 = 4 GB
2018-2019 = 6 GB

This is important because this reminds me of the iPhone 6/6 Plus stuck with 1 GB RAM in 2014. It didn't age as well as the 6s/SE. If we wait a year, the Pixel 4 could be the first true update while this Pixel 3 is more like the Pixel 2s or 1ss.

The positives? I really like what Google did with the glass back. They frosted it. I prefer the matte finish. Others should copy it to give it a metal look. The camera also seems class-leading again. At least two generations ahead of iPhones.

I'm never interested with the XL models. I hate that awkward size. I always have looked at the smaller ones. I think the smaller Pixel 3 is the one to get to avoid the notch but I hate how Google raised it from $650 to $800. The "wired" headphones looks tacky.

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    • tU6
    • 10 Oct 2018

    optimal hardware improvement, major software improvement shows there is a possibility of Pixel 3 ultra with 5G next year

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      • Psychonaught
      • 3DR
      • 10 Oct 2018

      You are far cheaper for a Huawei p20 pro than you are for a pixel 3XL (Which lacks some of the basic features a modern smartphone has such as a dual or even triple camera, or even a half decent sized battery.) The p20 Pro is by far a superior phone, and cheaper.

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        • imRGZ
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        • 10 Oct 2018

        INR 83,000 for the UGLIEST phone on the planet! Good luck with that Google.

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          • Fvc
          • 10 Oct 2018

          Pixel 3;
          THE Number 1 phone across the globe with the worst negative price value comparison.

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            • Anna
            • tTd
            • 10 Oct 2018

            If Google is charging Apple price for their phones, then they should also provide 5 years software support like Apple & not just for 2/3 years. Even Nokia with their phones costing 1/5 of Pixel provide 2 major OS updates & 3 years of security updates. What's great deal in that?

              Abc, 10 Oct 2018If you're planning to buy Pixel 3 just for the camera, then... morehmm pretty good deal consider op 6t has 6gb ram and in-display fingerprint and teardrop notch unlike giant hideous pixel 3xl

                A fugly phone (Pixel 3XL) with a fugly price? Wth is google thinking!

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                  • 10 Oct 2018

                  If you're planning to buy Pixel 3 just for the camera, then buy One Plus 6T instead and buy some entry level DSLR camera with the remaining money. Don't let these companies rip off your hard earned money in the name of Software and minor camera improvement.

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                    • 10 Oct 2018

                    Remember when Google had Nexus line up? Decent prices, good spec, and all around good value for money as well as that software update. Had 1st Gen Pixel and this was only phone in a while that I had to get swapped under warranty...twice. Pixel 2 was plagued with issues as well...

                    ...doesn't exactly strike confidence on this oneeither. Especially with price tag on that lol

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                      • niklex
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                      • 10 Oct 2018

                      Ridiculous! 849€ for a phone with 5 yo. design and a simple main camera? Software zoom will never be as good as optical. Boring phone. The price could be 650€ for pixel 3 and 750€ fot pixel 3 xl.

                        I mean the Pixel Phones have always been overpriced... Yes they guarantee you the prompt updates also with some amazing Camera Experience... But they are still behind to the most of the Flagships today... 83K for 3XL is just not worthy at all...

                        Lets see how they compete with the other Flagships this time... Many people won't buy it because of that Huge Notch for sure...

                          Overpriced and underspecced. Onky the camera is superb. Everything else is mediocre.

                            What a bunch of idiots from Google. They killing own business with this pricing. Some people will buy it anyway but there is more alternatives on the market now with better price and specs.

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                              • Mukhil
                              • vG@
                              • 10 Oct 2018

                              92000 rupees for an utter cr*p like this????

                              LONG LIVE ONEPLUS

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                                • Chaitanya
                                • xKX
                                • 10 Oct 2018

                                Why release a phone with minor updates and call it a new line, they should have called it Pixel 2.1 and 2.1 XL

                                  Meanwhile, Note9 with 6 gig RAM and 128 gig storage is available for a little over INR 60k in India.

                                    Good Mobile but certainly NOT worth what it demands especially when it's support, after sale services are far below par. No DUAL SIM, still finger print sensor, no 3D face scanning, no stage lighting selfie camera, only 4GB RAM, no expandable storage options, highest is 128 GB but even 64 GB Pixel 3 XL is expensive than Note 9 512 GB in my place! Wow, no reason to bother!!

                                      Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Those aren't very good points since they'll still be the sm... morewell you can check youtube or other source which many/few people experience slow down on pixel 2 version

                                        I think this phone sucks. I would just go for iphone x or note 9