Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL pricing and availability roundup

10 October 2018
Pixel 3 and 3 XL pricing and availability of all 13 markets.

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Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Those aren't very good points since they'll still be the sm... moreYeah.....for anyone who wants to pay that absurd price. Note 9 is similarly priced and offers 4000mah battery, dual rear cameras, super slowmo 4k@60 recording, stylus, variable aperture not to mention the software features.

    • z
    • zinko_pt
    • Mx@
    • 10 Oct 2018

    Far from the Nexus days of amazing innovative devices, representing great value for money. I was one of those loyal owners/users, but not anymore.
    Pixel 3/3XL is not worth the money, not by any stretch of imagination. Google is just getting on the Apple over-priced-status-icon bandwagon.
    They might won't to have whatever profit they want, but not at my expense, even though I can afford the device.

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      • Anonymous
      • n5S
      • 10 Oct 2018

      Furiounx, 10 Oct 2018Pricing is absurd for poor specs. Only 4GB ram??? And still... moreThose aren't very good points since they'll still be the smoothest running phones and will still take the best pictures

        4GB of Ram at this price is quite revolting

          for pixel 3 (not xl) with only 4gb ram, 64gb storage and 2915mah they should price it between $600 - $699 consider they dont have microsd slot, headphone jack, in-display fp, physical dual-sim, and ir blaster. well at least they now have wireless charging, great camera, front facing stereo speaker, include fast charging brick in the box (unlike certain brand) and matte finish on those back glass which is minimize fingerprint magnet.

          btw "not pink" looks good (better than cleary white for me)

            • V
            • Vijay
            • uvI
            • 10 Oct 2018

            In India Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are much expensive than Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
            The price gonna crazy like iphone xs and xs max...

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • D%N
              • 10 Oct 2018

              Fugly and expensive to boot

                Geric.770, 10 Oct 2018Pixel 3 (not XL) FTW!yeay ~!

                  jtrogr, 10 Oct 2018Why do they release phones when there is nothing new and wi... moreif apple can do it , why they cant ? they already made fun of apple , right ?

                    at least cheaper than iphone 6 ... oh wait , its not samsung ... at least cheaper than iphone xsm ~

                      • D
                      • DisappointedDad
                      • 3J5
                      • 10 Oct 2018

                      I could never convince myself to buy such an 'ugly looking' phone for $799 in spite of so much AI baked into it.
                      Chinese maker Xiaomi phones looks far more better in design.
                      WTF Google! Did you think you are Apple that has tie up with all Telecom companies worldwide who lets you buy even more expensive iPhones on yearly contract. What Apple does kinda makes sense when you split $1000 over 24 months thats only $41 per month.
                      In most countries the telecom providers dont even have Pixel phones.
                      FYou Google. No Thanks!

                        • j
                        • jtrogr
                        • dPU
                        • 10 Oct 2018

                        Why do they release phones when there is nothing new and with this huge price.

                          • s
                          • smee
                          • SmG
                          • 10 Oct 2018

                          Too expensive for the specs.

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • 043
                            • 10 Oct 2018

                            In Germany, Pixel 3 is as much as iPhone XR

                              I'll go for v40 or note 9

                                • D
                                • AnonD-632062
                                • 3Ye
                                • 10 Oct 2018

                                There isn't much good reason to shell out that amount of money on that kind of a phone right now.

                                  • F
                                  • Foo
                                  • U@r
                                  • 10 Oct 2018

                                  Still cheaper than iPhone

                                    Pricing is absurd for poor specs. Only 4GB ram??? And still single camera on the rear.

                                      To put things into perspective, the price of 3 XL in India is almost $1100 and pixel is $1000.

                                        Pixel 3 (not XL) FTW!