Weekly poll: is the Razer Phone 2 the best gaming phone?

14 October 2018
With upgraded specs and pure Android (Nova Launcher Prime comes pre-installed), we may even ask if its the best flagship, period.

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It seems like a great device,at least it looks kinda cool,different than almost all other notchphones..But,is Xiaomi Black Shark any valid alternative to Razer?I mean,8/128 config. is 512$,shipp.included for EU..no taxes..Almost half the price..

  • Anonymous

Their logo on the back is a deal breaker to me

  • Anonymous

This is some strange poll, I prefer ROG, but that doesn't mean that I hate the Razer phone.

Rog is my option

  • Avovymouse

MadMel, 14 Oct 2018 Is the Pope Catholic?what do you think?

  • Ugh...

Oh come on... You all know what's going to happen if they create gamer phones. It's marketing... They will start adding RGB Leds and put gaudy badges on them. Internals will be similar to non gaming phones, yet you will pay a premium.

You may love the Razer Phone, but also not consider it the best gaming phone on the market. The way you ask questions doesn't make sense

  • Andy

Still no headphone jack. So I still don't care

There are no good gaming phones, because there are no good games on iOS or Android.
Hardware is ready, software is still in stone age.

Is the Pope Catholic?

Razer Phone 2 is a brilliant phone. No two ways about it. Not only for gamers but for power-users & multimedia users alike. Big screen + big battery + powerful chipset + front-firing loud stereo speakers would satisfy all of the above mentioned types of users.

The cameras are probably not going to be marvelous, but they should be adequate, which is fine for a phone like this.

This phone is certainly miles better than the Google Pixel 3 XL in just about everything except the camera.

The poll is not very relevant.
Of course a lot of people love the razer phone for it's unique design and good specs for actually not the highest price out there.

BUT, that does not mean it's the best gaming phone, not by a long shot.
That would be the Asus ROG, with it's active cooling and other accessories,
not to mention the universally loved 3.5 mm headphone jack

  • AnonD-598579

Even though I don't understand the purpose of a gaming phone (if you want 5 star titles touch screen is just unusable and for casual games you don't need a gaming phone), some good things for all phones can come out of this hype: better speakers (stereo), better screen (120Hz) and better cooling system.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-632062, 14 Oct 2018I would say the ROG Phone is the best gaming phone. It has a ... moreThis is pretty much it. To expand though;

1) 3.5mm jack - For latency issues with wireless, hard-wired headphones are just better for gaming. Even if you were to use USB-C adaptor, then you have charging problems. As far as 'gaming' goes, they drain battery. Fact that you cannot charge AND use headphone at the same time is a huge drawback.

2) LED vs LCD - Well this is pretty simple. LED have always been better and AMOLED is just better than LCD screen.

As for screen refresh rate, well..comes to what games actually support it as most mobile games are capped at 30FPS...and maybe some supporting 60 fps...so again, if nothing actually pushing refresh rate..what the point?

Lastly, accessories for gaming is where it does make difference as well but see how that goes..I mean you got plenty of aftermarket BT controllers and what not then again...latency. I dont know much about Razer's side of peripherals but seems like ROG has few (..expensive as they may be but if they are compatible with future releases they might be worth it). Personally would love to see battery pack + controller kind of things that gets hard wired connection via USB-C

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018Xz2 Premium = SD 845, 6Gb, 144Hz, HDR Bt2020, stereo with ... moreWho told you that the XZ2 Premium has 144Hz screen? At finest, the phone was capable of only going up to 1080p @120Hz at best, just like its predecessor did.

  • Anonymous

on paper, the ROG phone seems better, imo. but neither of the two is out yet, so... no one really knows.
also i'm not convinced by Razer's cooling. vapor chamber is nice and all, but the heat still needs to go somewhere. and glass isn't a good thermal conductor, is it. that leaves the frame, i guess? Asus' ventilation slits might be something, at least

Well what to say.
Asus ROG would be a bit better with its more storage faster clocked CPU and many other usefull things like jack and so on.
But hell yeah Razer. Owning many products of this brand and all working like a brand bnew even after several years.
My Naga HEX league of legends edition for 120 euros even after 5 years working like a best mouse i ever had.
my previous razer mouse lasted 12 years and i would probbaly still use it if my GF didnt broke it by accident.
From my own experience i can say Razer is huge Quality for the money paid.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018Xz2 Premium = SD 845, 6Gb, 144Hz, HDR Bt2020, stereo with ... moreCompared with Razer 2 with dobly Atmos THX certified subwoofers and IGZO 120 HZ screen is a crap.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018Hell no. Rog phone phone has higher clock speed then you enable ... moreWell ROG may be better a bit but with its price and all the accesorize you have to buy to enjoy your phone you get a nice 2k bill.
Thanks no. Maybe ROG is faster but at this point you wont find any game where you will see any changes in speeds RAZER 2 versus ROG phone.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018flagship phones is better than this overpriced gaming phone with... moreMan trhis is flagship hone and it cost less than Note 9 S9 plus when released Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Porsche design and so on.
There is nothing overpriced it offers best speed of all phones best cooling best screen best sound reproduction no other flagship offers this get your facts right OMG.