Counterclockwise: vivo is the musical sibling of photo buff Oppo

14 October 2018
While relatively young, vivo has its own acoustic laboratory and has been pushing for audio excellence in smartphones since the beginning.

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  • Anonymous

here are several points where people got misunderstand about vivo (and their siblings)
- X-series isn't vivo flagship, but uppermidranger like samsung A series (in the past)
- Xplay series is vivo flagship
- V series is the only series that launched outside of China and intended for international market. V series born around 2014-2015 when vivo sales outside China is failed (mostly because the market are saturated by Oppo with its fierce marketing) thats why around that time after Xplay3S, we didnt see X6 and newer series outside China, and Vivo announced overpriced V series
- At Captain America Civil War, we can also see Tony Stark's transparent phone with Vivo logo, and we can clearly saw Vivo logo on holographic UI in the helicopter scene
- in the beginning Vivo features their hifi prowess and their brilliant display, while Oppo features with their photography and selfies (and beautification). And its quite strange because Oppo didnt put their sound technology into their phones, because Oppo was famous for their home audio department in China and even in the west market
- Unlike Vivo and Oppo, Oneplus is using somewhat similar marketing strategy like Xiaomi (community power, online marketing, online sales etc)
- One reason why both Vivo and Oppo sales are high and dominating the market, not just because their marketing, but also the profit margin. For retailers/reseller, they got huge profit margin when succeed sold their products compared to other brands, this forcing retailers to sell more Oppo/Vivo products than other brands

  • Anonymous

Which is weird cause Oppo makes some great hifi equipment.

AnonD-632062, 14 Oct 2018Fun Fact: In Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers r... moreThat means....
Civil War was caused by China

  • Avovymouse

Shanti Dope, 14 Oct 2018Adreno is really fantastic for gaming. It has been regarded... moreVivo's founder was forced his way out of Oppo (or something like that), he made Vivo to go up against Oppo that's why when Oppo found out about Vivo's popup cam, they made their move and released one from their brand, so that might be the case why VOOC won't reach Vivo, OnePlus and LeEco is still under Oppo's, that's what I know, but i might be wrong

Avovymouse, 14 Oct 2018MTK is always paired up with Mali just like Exynos and that... moreAdreno is really fantastic for gaming. It has been regarded as the best GPU for smartphones, which is true, since the Adreno 630 was the best GPU until the A12 Bionic's GPU came in (though the 630 would remain the third best since the Kirin 980's Mali-G76 MP12 would be quite promising as well).

As for VOOC, I don't get why Oppo wouldn't want to give their technology to Vivo. If it was the case, then they shouldn't have given the same thing to OnePlus as well.
Besides, the idea of a motorized pop-up front camera started with Vivo, then Oppo got it a few months later in theit Find X, so that means Vivo also gave the idea to Oppo.
The most probable reason I think is that Vivo might have it all if Oppo still give VOOC to them (their front cameras are already as good as Oppo's, while performance is almost as great as OnePlus's).

  • Anonymous

I think it is ridiculous the fact many phones from Vivo and Oppo don't have NFC nor USB C

  • Anonymous

Avovymouse, 14 Oct 2018MTK is always paired up with Mali just like Exynos and that... moreSometimes Mediatek has PowerVR gpu.

  • Avovymouse

Shanti Dope, 14 Oct 2018Out of the three sub-brands, Vivo is pretty much the only o... moreMTK is always paired up with Mali just like Exynos and that's one reason as well why people prefer SD due to being paired with Adreno which is common to regular users, but if they know how MTK improved, maybe they'll change their minds and as for SuperVOOC, damn man that's hard to get from Oppo since Vivo's founder was from that brand and made Vivo to compete with his former company

and obviously Oppo knows SuperVOOC is their edge from other companies soooo they might not let it be used by others, lol, that's just me tho

Avovymouse, 14 Oct 2018as for now, Vivo is making its own way of attracting people... moreOut of the three sub-brands, Vivo is pretty much the only one that I consider owning. Their reputation is quite good, in which most of the popular foreign superstars are advertising it. Oppo is also good, but their use of local celebrities is a little bit off-putting and makes their profile a bit less appealing to those who are looking for a bit more "premium" brand.

I wish Vivo also inherits the Super VOOC Fast Charging from Oppo, then it'll be a complete package.
Add to that, their use of Snapdragon SoCs instead of MediaTek is a nice choice on their part, as many people prefer them because of MediaTek's low profile in the past that people still remember.

  • Ct79

I'm loving the counterclockwise series on growing smartphone companies and their portfolio. I usually skip news concerning them cause otherwise I can't keep up with latest phones being released. I enjoyed reading the progress of Oppo and I enjoy this article on Vivo. Keep it up!!

  • Avovymouse

Shanti Dope, 14 Oct 2018How about a BBK smartphone with emphasis on photography, au... moreas for now, Vivo is making its own way of attracting people, and not removing jack is one of it, most people nowadays still prefers the use of jack rather than having non coz companies even with jack still can't increase the battery of their units, Vivo does all of it, not a Vivo user but Vivo is still a hit in a lot of people's eyes

  • Tapian

Logic Gates, 14 Oct 2018If you look at this, Vivo has deviated in recent times from... more??

  • Anonymous

X20+ UD is their nicest phone.
But it was just for China sadly

  • dgsdfasdfgs

Vivo Xplay 3s was a beast and 1 year ahead of all other phones, at that time.

The rest is meh.

AnonD-632062, 14 Oct 2018"The X1 also claimed to be the thinnest phone at the time -... moreYep, all the excuses of the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack is absurb. They will be like "Oh we are removing it to pack other internals", "To make the smartphone thinner", or "It is for the future"

How about a BBK smartphone with emphasis on photography, audio, and performance? A phone with combination of Oppo's camera, Vivo's acoustic technologies, and OnePlus's software and performance prowess.

As for Vivo, I'm worried about their future when it comes to audio. Its siblings, Oppo and OnePlus, already removed the 3.5mm jack on their latest high end phones (Find X and 6T, respectively) and Vivo's also notorious for following suit as to what its siblings do.

Well this brand is nowhere seen in europe.
At least in Slovakia we dont have it.
But yes i can say they improved a lot from being an Apple copycat.
Now if we compare this brand and apple this brand seems a lot better.
They offer a lot more reasons to buy this instead of apple.
The major one is OS its self.

  • AnonD-632062

Fun Fact:

In Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers receives the message of Agent Peggy Carter's death through a Vivo smartphone.

I found that interesting for 2 reasons:
1) First, it's cool that within a few years, Captain Rogers went from writing down stuff on a paper pad (1940's style) to using a modern smartphone. I guess his metabolism does work very fast indeed.

2) Second, isn't it funny that Captian "AMERICA" would use a hard-core CHINESE smartphone. I can easily understand him using a South Korean smartphone, but for Mr. Stars & Stripes to use a phone from Communist China, is very ironic.

  • AnonD-632062

The title is kind of right. I guess that's why even with a larger 4000 mAh battery, the vivo NEX S has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, yet the Oppo Find X does not have one.

  • AnonD-632062

"The X1 also claimed to be the thinnest phone at the time - measuring just 6.65mm. It beats the Huawei Ascend P1s by fractions of a millimeter. Never mind that, both phones had 3.5mm headphone jacks, unlike newer phones (which are larger in every dimension)."

It's so true. Today's companies are just greedy makers giving put false excuses and ripping us off by removing the 3.5 headphone jack.

So far, Samsung (and LG to an extent) seem to be listening to the customers and I salute them for that.