Huge Huawei Mate 20 Pro leak outs all details, including UK pricing

11 October 2018
The phone will get official next week alongside the Mate 20.

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Shui8, 16 Oct 2018Show u some proof? Like i said, half of the things u mention was... moreWhy aren't you showing me any proof? Whatever you can prove wrong I can tick off my list or else I'll be elsewhere reminding others of Huawei's shameless behavior, and somebody else just posted a link which reminded me that Bestbuy pulled a hundred fake reviews from Huawei's trolls last February, another mark of shame on Huawei's face within one year.
I often cite evidence in my arguments but you've got nothing but empty, unsubstantiated praise for Huawei so far.

Shui8, 16 Oct 2018Show u some proof? Like i said, half of the things u mention was... moreYou, accuse me of "not wanting proof"? By all means, show me what you've got!

Your claim that "half those things" are wrong may only suggest that you're a more clever troll pretending to be objective. I always examine evidence of the opposition, only then can I determine whether or not I actually have a stand, and if I do, how to more effectively deal with other fanboys in the future.

S Yu, 15 Oct 2018If you intend on claiming that half my points are wrong you'd be... moreShow u some proof? Like i said, half of the things u mention was right & half wrong. If i'm a blind fanboy, i keep trolling said it was wrong. I got the proof, but do i need to show it? Nahhh dont want to. The difference between me and u is EXPERIENCE using the phone, instead takes things from here and there and believe it.

Dont want things to be any longer, suits u.

Nick Tagataka, 13 Oct 2018Wise decision... I've seen this guy in many tech related website... moreNick, you've so far come across as a person who respects proper, evidence based analyses, then you should already know that anybody who's ever come into direct confrontation with me regarding the P20P's weaknesses in imaging has failed, simply because there isn't enough supporting evidence on the opposition's side. Of course, far more many are trolls completely sidestepping any evidence simply ranting brand love, appealing to authority, and spewing nonsense about a topic their completely ignorant about.
Also, I must point out that although some argue with me, some agree with me, sites with a record of reliability (unlike DxO who was questionable before they ever had a mobile test) also draw similar conclusions.
For the record, I only frequent GSMArena, DPR, Anandtech and Notebookcheck recently, sometimes I go to DxO to alleviate some of the damage their lies have done, if you think you recently saw me on any other site you're probably mistaken.

Nick Tagataka, 13 Oct 2018They claimed it to be "better", according to Techradar. LTE spee... moreFrom the information available so far I say that none of those except LTE speed is likely to stand, still if the 980 is better in a couple minor aspects then it's another severe exaggeration, still typical Huawei.

Shui8, 13 Oct 2018On all of your points, half of it was right, another half wrong.... moreIf you intend on claiming that half my points are wrong you'd better have some proof. Doing a search on any one of my points instead would yield articles and/or live samples as proof, I just made a simple list of issues others brought to light.
Mindless Huawei drones have been around since at least the P8 era and Huawei's shameless nationalistic brainwash and blatant lies in marketing make me want to puke. This is more about their ethics than their products. Unfortunately their world-leading shamelessness does pay off.
I don't bash blindly, I *bash* with a keen eye, I don't cite information that I can determine to be false. I know you from your fanboy comments everywhere, another Huawei fanboy is "Shen", a third "Cptpower", which looks a lot like the uneducated fanboy occasionally spewing BS at Anandtech. You three are the most active fanboys on this site. You need to up your game if you want to whitewash this despicable company on my watch.

any news about porsche design mate 20? or rs 2?
anything without notch?

Slayer, 14 Oct 2018I was always a huge Sony fan but felt I could not invest in Sony... moreXZ3 is a great phone no doubt. Actually i starting to like Sony again since XZ2. Unfortunately their new design is still not to my liking though screen display in XZ3 is gorgeous. In my opinion, the fault is because of the pricing, yeah $900 for a phone with still 64gb internal memory, & many lack features that Mate 10 has. Camera is good since XZ2, but low lights photography still crowns P20 pro, XZ2 premium comes close though. And i'm talking about photography, not videography. (Photography my 1st priority than Videography.).

As an ex Sony flagship user, yes Sony rom are the most clean non Stock Android, but EMUI got many great features as well. In fact, the perfect ROM for me are EMUI skinned up with Sony UI & media apps. Therefore i made a Sony theme for our Huawei device & solve the problem lol -­mes/theme-sony-xperia-xz2-premium-emui-8-0-t3827­431

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Shui8, 13 Oct 2018On all of your points, half of it was right, another half wrong.... moreI was always a huge Sony fan but felt I could not invest in Sony's recent offerings that is until the Xperia XZ 3 and because of it, I have cancelled my pre-order for the Pixel 3XL, not that the Pixel is not great, I am sure it is, but the XZ3 is lightly skinned (as close to pure android as you are likely to get) and it is buttery smooth. I have owned quite a few Huawei phones up to the Mate 10 but the UI simply sucks!

I am may still get the P3XL but right now, I simply cannot justify it. And the screen on the XZ3? Dope does not begin to describe it! Did I mention the screen on the XZ3......Lol.

The anonymous comments, People dont believe it. I used for years samsung phones. I will not say bad things about samsung. Only they forgot what was their policy from the start it had. Meanwhile in past 7/10 years it has changed. Making things for the common people. so good things for budget price. since 4 years I bought different brands like with smartphones. I buy every year 1 or 2 phones and looking for the good brand. I have in use always 2 phones. 1 for use everything and 1 for have ads and virus free. Huawei never has me disapointment. even with the cheap models. But the expensive phones are cheaper stil than the samsung or iphone flagships. with last models about speed. one can discuss. with some things samsung or iPhone flagship is better. With other things Huawei is much better. But when we compare pics and videos brands can make. Than overall Huawei is the winner. 2nd is IPhone than last samsung. I use now the Huawei mate 10 pro. Who says this is a phone disapoining, doesnt know what they talk about. So good are the pics and videos. Why Huawei was chosen in past years 2016/2017/2018 as best smartphones? Exactly years i forgot. But twice in a row best smartphone of the year in both class the normal and pro class. Now with huawei 20 P and mate 20 pro. the camera has been more improved than samsung and IPhone. Speed too very much improved.
When huawei does like this in future. Huawei is my brand. And another brand in future will rise in Europe/America, when they improve dust free and water resistant. Thats the Xiaomi

like i said i will not comment bad about phones like samsung or IPhone. Still like Samsung
. It was my brand in past. Only pricewise they changed their minds to much.

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That MX with that 7" amoled screen is looking mighty sweet.

  • A33chaGh0

Take my money wow-way..JUST TAKE IT !!!!!!

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Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018 That's true! Huawwei fouling people again. But blinded fu... moreMicrosd is slow and useless at 90 mb/sec when you already have 265 gb or 512 gb with 800 mb/sec. Heaphones jack can be ditch. Use a bluetooth portable headphones dac-amplifier like Fiio BTR1 or BTR3 and you will have 10x better performance on classic wired headphones.

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Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018A 2020 phone with features missing from a 2012 phone i.e. MicroS... more That's true!
Huawwei fouling people again.

But blinded funboys don't want to realise that.

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Anonymous, 13 Oct 2018I'm ready to order now. M20 Pro 8gb 512gb. A 2020 phone in 2018.A 2020 phone with features missing from a 2012 phone i.e. MicroSD and Headphone slots...

Geric.770, 12 Oct 2018I bet the Pixel 3 costs PHP 54,990 and XL 3 costs PHP 64,990. TR... moreWell, I do the conversion at around $1 = PhP 64.5 if we use the price of the iPhone X as basis where the $1000 iPhone X was priced PhP 64,500 in the Philippines. Assuming its $799 for the Pixel 3, it'll be around PhP 51,500 for the 64GB Pixel 3, PhP 58,000 for the 128GB Pixel 3 as well as the 64GB Pixel 3 XL, and PhP 64,500 for the 128GB Pixel 3 XL.

S Yu, 13 Oct 2018They claimed that it's "faster", simply. If it's only faster in ... moreThey claimed it to be "better", according to Techradar. LTE speed is one thing but they might have also implied NPU performance or even power efficiency. I just stop the argument here coz I don't want to waste my whole weekend just writing comments on GSMArena, but you get my point.

Shui8, 13 Oct 2018On all of your points, half of it was right, another half wrong.... moreWise decision... I've seen this guy in many tech related website and half the comment he made was how bad Huawei is as a company and how P20 Pro's cameras suck, and he was constantly arguing with others because of that. Once you start talking with him, you'll have to continue arguing till you're completely stressed out. Huawei does like to hype up lots of stuffs and I understand that's all the criticism are coming from(and some of them are valid), but you can clearly tell when a person is intentionally hating on a certain company.

S Yu, 13 Oct 2018Actually here's a more thorough list I compiled last month. Jus... moreOn all of your points, half of it was right, another half wrong. I wouldnt explain about it because it'll be a long of hating each other conversation. Stops with the negativity. Whatever it is, Huawei is one of the top flagship brands in the world, along with the two kings Samsung & Apple. There are positive points along with it than just cons highlighted like any other phone haves. Otherwise, it wouldnt be 2nd worlds largest smartphone sales in the world.

Before this, i'm a long Sony flagship phone user, now change to Huawei. No regrets. I was skeptical before about it, but it proves me wrong when i experienced it myself.

The point is, these are the place we share knowledge about tech & innovation together, not the place to bashing blindly on other products and spread negativity just because u hate that specific brand. Please.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2018NO NO NO. he is NOT talking second-hand here mate.. He's talking NEWi know Mate 10 pro is 400$ now because it's old model and that is how smartphone market works.Mate 20 pro have lots of new tech and price is high as expected... just look at others OEMs prices for similar phone they cost the same.