Huawei officially launches EMUI 9.0 beta for 9 phones

17 October 2018
The list includes six Huawei and three Honor phones, all of them with Kirin 970 SoC.

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  • 15 May 2019

huawey p10 lite emui beta letöltés

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    • Dilli
    • akI
    • 26 Nov 2018

    when it will be released for Honor 8X?

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      • Blank Man
      • vaS
      • 19 Oct 2018

      Says I'm joined in the project. Downloaded September security update.

      How do I download the pie beta. Will it come Ota or do I need to download another way.

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        • Smartphones Fan
        • 3aE
        • 18 Oct 2018

        For Honor Note 10 ?

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          • Smartphones Fan
          • 3aE
          • 18 Oct 2018

          What About Honor Note 10

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            • Pookie
            • MNU
            • 18 Oct 2018

            Info whether Mate 20 Lite will get EMUI 9 is nowhere to be found :/

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              • Anonymous
              • n5p
              • 18 Oct 2018

              WJS, 17 Oct 2018Will never buy a Huawei or Honor phone ever again. Give it ... more@WJS
              I can vouch for that. I purchased a Honor 8 back in July 2016 when it was first released. It received a security level update last year dated 5th August but nothing since. The phone is still stuck on Android v7.0 and is in my opinion now a dead phone. Like you, I will never touch another Huawei product ever again.

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                • gg
                • sSQ
                • 18 Oct 2018

                How about Nova3 why not in lists

                  What about newly announced Nova 3?

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                    • iiq
                    • 18 Oct 2018

                    DN2018Msia, 17 Oct 2018Joined d project & it just said application submitted. ... morei just received via OTA..its big around 4gb

                      update after rollover to 9.0pie.

                      M10P user:
                      1. no more gpu turbo, back to square 1, atleast for the current situation, yes after testing out the game, performance goes back to ori version without gpu turbo, slower graphic performance. (dammmmmm)
                      2. unable to find the game-suite, maybe they ll update in latter stage.
                      3. google chrome app suck u dry, extremely powerconsuming, the power consumption is worse than playing game.

                      1. faster response on user interface, definitely u will feel better response compare to 8.0
                      2. add on some new features, yet to test it out.
                      3. standby time/ idle time seems improved compare to 8.0. usually when I wake up, 8.0 will consume 5% battery, now 9.0 only consume 2%

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                        • ej10
                        • Pt4
                        • 18 Oct 2018

                        what a joke the sony xz2 and xiaomi mi mix 2s are already get in the final official 9.0 version, and huawei is testing the 3rd beta jajajaja

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                          • Brewstar
                          • nBR
                          • 18 Oct 2018

                          Seems like it is not for European phones... Would have been nice to read that in the article.
                          Or am I doing something completely wrong?

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                            • Richard
                            • BX$
                            • 17 Oct 2018

                            WJS, 17 Oct 2018Will never buy a Huawei or Honor phone ever again. Give it ... moreI think 2 years is good enough, of course, no one can compare with Apple, right?

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                              • WJS
                              • ibf
                              • 17 Oct 2018

                              Will never buy a Huawei or Honor phone ever again. Give it 2 years or so and they'll completely drop the support for your flagship phone.. no software updates, no enhancements, nothing, unlike Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc. They may be cheap to buy vs the features you're getting but you won't be getting software updates really soon after you buy it.

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                                • AnonD-686319
                                • rpp
                                • 17 Oct 2018

                                What about Honor 7c to my knowledge it's Project Treble compatible and it's shipped with Android Oreo 8.0?

                                  Anybody know how much time does it take to enrol to the beta program? I downloaded it today and submitted the form. But it is still saying that Your application of signing up for the project has been submitted, please wait for staff to deal with.

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                                    • abdulla
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                                    • 17 Oct 2018

                                    I'm from sri lanka and I get a message 'login failed' when I try to sign in from the Beta app... Anyone facing this issue?

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                                      • P20 Pro user
                                      • pLR
                                      • 17 Oct 2018

                                      The Beta app current version is 2.2.30. I'm not sure which app you are referring to. Can you clarify, please?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 3W$
                                        • 17 Oct 2018

                                        Anonymous, 17 Oct 2018Huawei P10, P10 Plus and P10 Lite will get Android Pie upda... moreWhat out mate 10 lite?