Samsung Galaxy Book2 arrives with Snapdragon 850 and Gigabit LTE

18 October 2018
The Surface Pro competitor reaches its second generation.

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I'm quite disappointed that GSMArena doesn't have it's product profile for this beauty. Same with the Microsoft Surface Pro (and Go) line-up which I just commented earlier on. Yeah, you've got Apple iPads and iPad Pros covered but how about these? These are still 2-in-1s.

    Anonymous, 25 Oct 2018Not long ago, and now, you'd still be very misguided. The c... moreMan even Samsung is cash cow.
    Look at J4+ for example 16GB disk space 2GB ram low end CPU and 200 euros.
    Just for example A1 from xiaomo offers 64/4 option for 180 euros.
    J6+ offers 3/32 for 250 euros depends on your shop you buy in.
    Poco cost 300 which is just 50 more and is unbelievably better.
    Even if i will not count xiaomi.
    Any other brand apart the apple and sony cost less for same specs.

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      • 25 Oct 2018

      CptPower, 22 Oct 2018Well. Not long ago i told everything Samsung touches they... moreNot long ago, and now, you'd still be very misguided. The company leading the charge on high prices is Apple. Samsung are consistently cheaper on like for like phones than HTC and Apple. They have some phablets like the note series that are expensive but different compared to their competitors at least.

      I can't understand how Samsung would get the blame that Apple deserves though. Apple represent good value in the tablet an wireless earphone segment for example but there phones are cash cows with old tech more often than not.

        Not long ago i told everything Samsung touches they ruin it.
        They ruined Cell phone industry with their medium to poor quality compared to huge prices.
        Now they ruin another industry.
        Well Samsung is a Wrecking ball.

          Would be a nice portable machine if it has double RAM and storage, a Linux ARM distro will boost the performance as opposed to Windows 10 (S).

            Neither here(Android/Chrome OS) nor there (Windows 10)... Confusing RAM options for Windows.... Does it support calls, WhatsApp etc? Need to look at some extensive reviews

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              • dQA
              • 20 Oct 2018

              Syed, 19 Oct 2018Windows 10 S Mode = Fail.You can easily switch to Pro mode and it's free of charge. Yes, even though it's ARM you can run win32 (non-store) apps on it!
              Talking without knowledge = Superfail

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                • 20 Oct 2018

                It'll run like a pig with 4gb of ram

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                  • 19 Oct 2018

                  Windows 10 S Mode = Fail.

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                    • 19 Oct 2018

                    1.5 kg too heavy for 12 inch

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                      • 19 Oct 2018

                      M Kon, 19 Oct 20184g of ram? Again?U don't have iOS, Samsung.

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                        • 19 Oct 2018

                        4g of ram? Again?

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                          • 19 Oct 2018

                          I thing we can see the trend here :
                          It seems Samsung Galaxy S9 has disappointing sales because of S8.
                          Galaxy Book 2 will suffer greatly from the comparison with previous generation as well : Intel CPU, same screen and a discounted price which makes it cheaper than the new model even with 8GB memory & 256GB SSD.

                          (personally, I bought the S8 and the GB1 at discounted prices so I am delighted by Samsung market policy)

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                            • 19 Oct 2018

                            SH.T, 19 Oct 2018i own a galaxy book, actually 4GB is enough, tablets are fo... moreGood to know.

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                              • 19 Oct 2018

                              This price makes the Pixel Slate look worth it

                                Vergil666, 19 Oct 2018when freaking smartphones have 8 GB ram and they throw in 4... moreXD same!

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                                  • 19 Oct 2018

                                  Or get one of these, expensive, but versatile:


                                    AnonD-598579, 19 Oct 20184GB RAM and 128 GB storage is way to low for 2018 standards... morePlus, there's quite a number of laptops offering GTX 1050/GTX 1050Ti at this price point, which makes it a better deal. I'm curious, just what type of storage are they using? NVMe? Or just normal smartphone storage?

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                                      • 19 Oct 2018

                                      when freaking smartphones have 8 GB ram and they throw in 4 GB to the convertible PCs and notebooks it makes me cringe

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                                        • S12
                                        • 19 Oct 2018

                                        4GB RAM and 128 GB storage is way to low for 2018 standards. Maybe for students and casual working is ok. The only things good are the S Pen and the AMOLED display. But for this price is not enough.
                                        For example, I bought an Asus ultrabook (1.2kg) with 750 euro and has intel 8th generation cpu, 8gb ram and 256GB SSD. Better price/performance.