The hots and nots of the Huawei Mate 20 family

19 October 2018
The good and the bad about Huawei's new quartet.

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Moj, 23 Oct 2018I am not so sure you got my point.(having 3.5,, jack would make ... more8000 not 80000! sorry :P

  • saints5354

Samsung will become Nokia or Motorola if they doesn't innovate. Huawei is improving by a million step.

  • Devidpg

You guys should see Mate 20 Pro vs Note 9 Speed Test by Xeetechcare..

Mate 20 Pro completely crushed the Note 9 by far. And there is also battery test in Youtube with result Mate 20 Pro lasts 1 hour longer than Note 9.

Samsung better step up their game in 2019 if they don’t want to be overthown by Huawei.

  • Moj

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2018I get your point bro, I was just saying that you can use the usb... moreI am not so sure you got my point.(having 3.5,, jack would make life alot easier for not very large but considerable amount of people like me)
well i do carry an 80000mAh power bank (or whatever you prefer to call it) and a RHA CL1 Ceramic + Dacamp L1 for listening to music paired with my 2 phone (a samsung note 8 and Blackberry passport) so baisically l carry 2 device with a power bank and a headphone and a DAC. there are times that i just need to go out very light and that is when problems happens like you have to be cearfull with that USB-C to 3.5mm dongle not get disconnected and lots of other issues (it also the reason why i rejected iphone 7 which was gifted to me by my girl(made her angry and she wouldn't talk to me for 2 week :) ) so the ideal is either go for crapy USB-C headphone or dongle or BT which are not my choices and lead to hate manufacturers who are going by this trends and literally i see no advantage in this new trends except more money for OEM. (if i am not mistaken iphone 7 just gained around 250mAh by removing 3.5mm jack which is not near close to be justifiable)
all i want to say is that they just made excuses for removing 3.5mm jack without any significant advantage.

  • Anonymous

Huawei is better than samsung

  • Anonymous

You missed to mention perhaps the hoggest ommision..the lack of 60fps 4K recording!

i think ma p10+'s still better.

  • iAMHJA

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Shanti Dope, 22 Oct 2018Well that's weird as to how they could align the FoV of all thre... moreSorry i thought u were the other guy who keeps mentioning Mate 20 worse because dont have OIS whereas they both dont.

Well at least u were well informed about this matters.

Shui8, 22 Oct 2018Both P20 & Mate 20 pro doesnt have OIS on all 3 lens, period... moreWell that's weird as to how they could align the FoV of all three cameras when one is going to have a different coverage when its OIS kicks in action. I guess the narrow FoV makes it easier to be aligned with what the other 2 normal angle sensors can take.

And where did I say that Mate 20 Pro has no OIS??
Any phone, OIS-enabled or not, can take Night Mode photos when done correctly.

Shanti Dope, 22 Oct 2018All of P20 Pro's camera sensors have OIS. And it just makes sen... moreBoth P20 & Mate 20 pro doesnt have OIS on all 3 lens, period. OIS only exist in their telephoto lens. -

If the new Mate 20 doesnt have OIS & P20 have as u mention, how come it can shot Night Mod as well? And the Mate 20 4k video recording now has been stabilized unlike P20 that shaking as hell (proved the non OIS). But i bet P20 Pro 4k video will be stablilized after getting the EMUI 9 update.

Its just use EIS for photos and videos, AIS for night mod, OIS for stabilized zoomed pictures.

Nick Tagataka, 22 Oct 2018Nope, only the telephoto lens has OIS... there's a reason why th... moreAll of P20 Pro's camera sensors have OIS.
And it just makes sense, since the lenses won't align and see the same thing when the hardware stabilization is in work.

  • moon

Imperator Neubaticus, 21 Oct 2018Nothing but an overhyped slab from an arrogant company. Too many... morehaha arrogant, you don even know most of the wifi router and even the access point your are connected now is made bye huawei...Shame on you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2018i think the 20 pro is targeted at western markets thats why it's... moreC'mon, Huawei flagship phones prices are truly insane. Only Samsung and Apple are allowed to put the price tag what they want and it's always justifiable. Yes, because their phones tick all the boxes and because they're simply... gods! Huawei is still Huawei. A little bit cheating here, a bit stealing / copying there.... But I admit that this company is getting better and better :). So NZ$1600 for Huawei phone? No, thanks.

  • moon

This world is totally insane, another phone has amoled poled super lcd whatever you can call it and face id gorilla glass 5 headphone jack, huge battery, ois, notch, customizable notch, screen to body ratio, IP ratings, and more then you lambasted the other brand because it does't have all those you see on its counterpart. Now if they both have all those features, you call them copycat. Boang gyud!

  • moon

Nick Tagataka, 22 Oct 2018You know that P-OLED display on last year's LG V30 was nowhere n... moreYou sounds like as if your eyes were able to spot the difference. FYI, all these flagship phones that are coming out, their displays exceeded the perceivable color that a normal human eye can see. Speak from your brains please.

  • moon

Anyone uses the word copycat is certainly an ignorant.

  • Anonymous

i think the 20 pro is targeted at western markets thats why it's smaller. Also would you choose a smaller battery for a headphone jack? 4200 battery in such a small package is amazing. Also I don't see it as a negative that the note 9 costs the same as the regular mate now, Samsung wouldn't have dropped prices if this product isn't so good. The 20 pro is better than the note9 imo. This is good, finally there's competition at the top.

[deleted post]Speak for your self kido and you actually did care about it lol... Think before you speak, this is a art, u dont haave for sure.

A copy cat of Lg X cam style... Lol