Google Pixel 2 gets updated camera UI

22 October 2018
The update is now rolling out to all Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices.

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  • 25 Oct 2018

It's a lot better than just a shinier UI. It has fixed the dreaded Pixel 2 panorama muddle. My Pixel 2 is now officially awesome again ...

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    • 25 Oct 2018

    nice information.

      Yeah, 24 Oct 2018I didn't expect this either, I didn't even follow the annou... moreYeah so true. XDA folks are among those few that I trust, not to mention GSMArena

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        • 24 Oct 2018

        Tommy Chhangte, 24 Oct 2018This is craazy good! To be honest I didn't expect to be thi... moreI didn't expect this either, I didn't even follow the annoucement of that Night Sight and when I saw it I was blown away really.

        And when I need an objective opinion, I tend to stick to XDA as they are the only ones I still believe in and don't think are biased.

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          • 24 Oct 2018

          Shanti Dope, 24 Oct 2018It is, but I wonder how long is its shutter speed, since Hu... moreWell, I'm sure you've seen the EXIF data, the lowest it goes is 1/4s if I remember, and that's a good thing, as anything lower than that will just be a lot harder to use since the OIS can't help that much, even the 1/4s is hard enough when you consider the multi-frame capture. The trick here is that they overexpose the images in buffer compared to their regular HDR+ algorithm, but since it's still the same multi-frame technique the pictures are actually very very good compared to Huawei's which in my opinion aren't that great, because the shutter speed is slower and images are too soft (heavy noise reduction) and prone to ghosting (a lot of examples I've seen) which is the result of that shutter speed and maybe even bad image alignment.

            Shanti Dope, 24 Oct 2018Well..... Apple's Smart HDR is technically the same multi-... moreikr? Same technique, different outcomes. Certainly one among them is far better, you know what I mean -_*

              Done, 23 Oct 2018 moreThis is craazy good! To be honest I didn't expect to be this much good. Pixels really win photography, no matter what people or certain kind of "professional testers" might say

                Done, 23 Oct 2018 moreIt is, but I wonder how long is its shutter speed, since Huawei's Night Mode usually is very long at 4s.

                  AnonD-706668, 23 Oct 2018Have you ever heard..Apple did something like google pixel ... moreWell.....
                  Apple's Smart HDR is technically the same multi-frame image stacking technique that Google has been using since Nexus 6P days. How about that?

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                    • 23 Oct 2018

                    Have you ever heard..Apple did something like google pixel ? No....never....

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                      • 23 Oct 2018

                      Shanti Dope, 23 Oct 2018And yeah, I'm mostly excited for Night Shot. It will take ... more

                      Check this out, taken by Mishaal Rahman, XDA's editor, using a modded GCam from cstark on his Pixel 3XL.
                      I'd say this is amazing and more impressive than Huawei's Night Mode.

                        And yeah, I'm mostly excited for Night Shot.
                        It will take low light photography to the next level, though I hope they don't perform a lot of noise reduction or desaturation when doing this.
                        I also want to see this type of action to take in place with the XZ2 Premium's great ultra high ISO performance. It would be breath-taking!

                          I'm not being a hater, but I don't think Top Shot would work out quite as good on Pixel 2/XL and 3/XL's cameras as it does on Xperia phones with IMX400 camera sensor.
                          I mean, Sony does this very well thanks to the embedded DRAM on the camera sensor, which the Pixel phones lack.
                          It probably explains the super low resolution predicted shots, as the sensor isn't fast enough to capture many full-resolution images within a matter of a fraction of a second.

                          But I give them props for trying. The Galaxy S9/9+ and Note 9 are also capable of the Xperia's Predictive Capture, yet they didn't even bother giving it.
                          Trust me, this feature will be very useful especially for those who have quite a bit slow reaction time.
                          The option of not using it will be present, but when the hardware is capable of performing the task, the choice of doing it must also be there.

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                            • 23 Oct 2018

                            It also rolled out to OG Pixel tonight.

                              @GSMA, may I know the source where it claims that Pixel 2/XL will get the top shot feature?

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                                • 23 Oct 2018

                                Cool. But what we are really waiting for is Night Sight. Knowing Google's HDR+ algorithm, hopefully Night Sight should be as awesome or even better than Huawei's Night Mode.

                                  stock android fanboys are going to love apple's camera ui now that google's doing it. xD

                                    To people who already have the Pixel 2/XL, don't upgrade to the Pixel 3/XL for the camera.

                                    They both have the exact same camera hardware & you can get identical images on both by installing Pixel 3's camera app on your Pixel 2.

                                    See this video for details: