Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design hands-on

24 October 2018
See what sets the €1,700 Mate 20 RS Porsche Design apart.

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saeed, 20 Nov 2018you know ? apple lost few percent market share every year i... moreWithout Apple and Samsung, Huawei can't survive. HAHA It's just a company which copies what's best in two brands and make it their own like it was being run by thick faces.

I'd rather own a Xiaomi. Those phones are ridiculously cheap and are not trying hard losers.

  • saeed

NokAppSam, 09 Nov 2018What's wrong with that? Nope. They're just trying hard lose... moreyou know ? apple lost few percent market share every year in last few years... and huawei got more market share every year(recent years)? it means huawei will have more more market share than apple very soon. apple only sells with marketing not because they are best

Nokia3110, 06 Nov 2018And what's wrong with that?What's wrong with that? Nope. They're just trying hard losers who think they are Apple, Samsung, and Nokia Premium. Unfortunately, not even close.

  • Nokia3110

NokAppSam, 06 Nov 2018Huawei is just trying to be "Premium" by using premium brands.And what's wrong with that?

Huawei is just trying to be "Premium" by using premium brands.

Huawei is basically taking the job out of those 3rd parties that work on customizing phones and doing it themselves. I saw a video of a customized S9+ that had a crocodile leather back or whatever and was sold for $5000 or something. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not though, people doesn't care if Huawei is simply doing themselves, they will see the price and scream "rip off" or "greed".

Please review Mate 20X Gsmarena and a Mate20X Porsche design would be awesome

  • Notch

Porsche notch, not any notch...

  • Anonymous

Performance review

  • FaceGle

I'm using Samsung since before, and never be a fan of any phone out there. but this Huawei Mate 20 Porsche Design makes me amaze and wow. I like it and very stunning.

Good Job Huawei for your premium handset. Thumbs up.

  • Anonymous

2000€ for an android phone Lol.

  • AnonD-632062

Cool. The real Porsche 911 in the background is a nice touch.

I still think the Mate 20 X is a better overall phone though.

Just like with Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition, i find the regular Mate 20 Pro more attractive. Don't get me wrong, i don't have any problem with leather. I like leather. I loved the faux leather on the LG G4, because it looked attractive. It's just that the design of the Lambo and the Porsche phones this year wasn't the best.

  • Red

I really like red one, stylish. Much better than 20pro design but too expensive for me wallet.

Now i know where they got that for rounded circle in their Mate 20 camera arrangement, its from Porsche car headlamp design.

I really dig the flushing design between glass and leather creates a racing stripes look a like. Especially the red color edition, what a masterpiece.

  • AnoniMouse

Their M20 RS Porsche Design to be honest is kinda ugly. not what Im expecting.

Eh, I kinda like the OG RS design better. Still cool that they put two leather sides. Other companies should try to make phones with not just glass o the back. It should be made up of two materials

  • Anonymous

I can see what's coming here,name any phone Porsche design and then Porsche prices kicks in,CACHING !