Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider debuts with 6.4” screen, four cameras and 5G version

25 October 2018
The phone screen has 93.4% screen-to-body ratio with practically non-existent bezels.

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  • robogo

sweet Jesus that price, a proper slap in the face to the rest of the competition

Looks great. And it's hella cheap as well.
Great job Xiaomi.

That's a well-specced all-rounder. Seems like a proper successor to the original Mi Mix. Design is great, although slider durability will have to be tested. Cameras also seem decent. The battery is in line with other flagships. No major flaws on sight. The price is pretty attractive too.

Great job Xiaomi!

  • Kkemo

Without battery? :)

Great prices. Definitely a fav though it lacks MSD and jack. But that's just me~ ^^;