ZTE nubia X unveiled with two screens and two fingerprint readers

31 October 2018
There's no front-facing camera as you won't ever need it.

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  • Meme

Those noobs that compalining about the case, just put a supported bumper case and slam screen protector on back and front morons.

  • Optimizer

LoL double camera. now double fingerprint scanner? like wtf Chinese innovations up to? all are useless.

  • defcon

I wonder how are they going to put a case on this phone?

  • Dominican

Don't know about you guys but i've always said the price you pay for a smartphone will allow you to use the phone without a cover. i mean not to be afraid of braking it if it falls down. Some gorilla glass and stuff like that won't work a S.... on them!

Much better option than motorized camera though.

xXENDER FREAKXx, 01 Nov 2018Saying of Apple's reason for having noticeably larger bezels on ... moreYeah, this one still has a thinner chin than the XR - I would say it's right about as large as the XS's chin.

Shanti Dope, 01 Nov 2018And this isn't even an OLED display yet! Yet Apple still uses t... moreSaying of Apple's reason for having noticeably larger bezels on the iPHONE XR, it's clearly marketing bullshit. Look at the HUAWEI MATE 10, even though it is using a IPS LCD display, it does sport thinner bezels, especially on the side. What does this mean for Apple? Clearly they are just being lazy and hence came up with that excuse...

  • Eclynoh

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2018Ooh! Exciting! I wonder if you can turn off one of these screens... moreJust 1 display is turn on !

  • Anonymous

Arni90, 31 Oct 2018Woww, What a design screw headphone jack, by removing two maybe... moreThe entire audio industry disagrees with your comments regarding the headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm jack, no microsd slot as STANDARD, so no need to look and buy even if some technologies on this phone to me is gimmick. What can 2 FP Sensors do?? Man ZTE is behaving like (Cr)Apple nowadays by axing STANDARD features. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH SPACE to add the 3.5mm jack, microsd slot. What is ZTE doing?! Looks like another planned obsolescence to us Android Truthers in terms of STANDARD features. At least it avoided the FUGLY NOTCH.

GOOGL, 01 Nov 2018Looks more practical than a hole in the screen or mechanical sli... moreI'm pretty sure you've got the logic already that cases won't be necessary for this phone, or you're just being sarcastic.
Anyway, this can only make with a bumper case that protects the phone's sides only.
Both panels would need glass screen protector instead.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2018Finally, someone has beaten Apple in the chin department. This p... moreAnd this isn't even an OLED display yet!
Yet Apple still uses the "It's an IPS LCD, so it's harder to make bezel less" excuse on their iPhone XR to fool their shepherds.

  • Anonymous

Finally, someone has beaten Apple in the chin department. This phone is, I think, the first Android phone to have a minimal bottom bezel like the iPhone X/iPhone XS series.

Completely in agreement with some sane comments here.. Take out the selfie and put the secondary display enough to make it like it easier to take selfies is such a nifty idea. That's why you don't need to re-invent the wheel, just tweak it.
To people who are confused with the use of secondary screen, here are some options:
- Use it as an always on clock
- notifications
- Use clear screen case for the security

Looks more practical than a hole in the screen or mechanical slider. But, pain in the ass when you're using phone with a case.

  • Anonymous

For that price I am buying it xD

  • Gusta

Gambi, 01 Nov 2018The back screen is 5.1 inches. Not 2...Lol.. Read previous comment.. One by one.. Reply by reply.. The statement is about "Meizu"..

Two cameras, Two screens, Two fingerprint scanners.
Wow. A perfect Combo.
Although ZTE has done a great job, am sure other smartphone makers will follow suit and mess this LL up.

ZTE can give us two screen and two fingerprint scanner only for $473. Apple, what have you been doing with iphone?? And they said hardware is expensive. Pfftt!!!

  • s-pen pusher

this is actually great for the price! i don't think it would take that much hit to the battery either as the back screen is oled, and therefore you can just have it display a black wallpaper/background on the information it displays; i would guess as well there is an option to turn off the back display when not in use. the dual fingerprint just makes sense for whichever display you wanted to use when picking up the phone, as long as it is mappable to which scanner activates which display, obviously for those who are left-handed; or they could have an option to activate the display that's facing up (of course this should just be an option otherwise it will unlock the diplay on the other side when you are laying down somehow).