Weekly poll results: Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a fan favorite

04 November 2018
The holiday shopping season is approaching and the Mi Mix 3 is launching just in time.

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I’m sure if you ever use real high end like samsung oneplus iphone, and ever use miui device, u won’t choose yes, because the rom is really bad, laggy, ram hungry, resource hungry, even you use 20gb ram on miui device it still lag bad, problem is not ram, problem is miui rom itself

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    • Nick
    • IbE
    • 06 Nov 2018

    That's a very, very pretty phone. Looks more premium than the iPhones.

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      • last name
      • sxr
      • 06 Nov 2018

      almost 2019 and most of the flagships are still below 4000 mah. sadly!

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        • MAU
        • ps$
        • 05 Nov 2018

        It's an eavy stone. 220 g and too big. They are going back instead of moving fwd

          Anonymous, 04 Nov 2018There are three problematic things with his design: 1. The... more1. Get pants that fit you better if this is an issue
          2. How can you be sure without having seen any battery test? It's only FHD, so it should be able to reach around +/-11hrs surfing or +/-15 hrs video. I'm guessing a roughly 80hrs endurance rating here at gsmarena. In no way class leading, but surely good enough for a days use.
          3. If this weight is an issue for you personally then okay, not for me though. Easy peasy.

            I am very happy with Xiaomi's breakthrough in the third series of this mi mix, I don't care about the lack of a 3.5mm SD card or headphone jack and others. The most important thing is that I can get wireless charging, the body that already uses ceramics on the back (which is very durable even exceeds the resistance of metal and ordinary glass), full screen without bezel, and even uses super amoled too ... !!!

              Imperator Neubaticus, 04 Nov 2018A proper flagship. No notch-chin. No screen issues. No comp... moreNo vibration, no loud enough earpiece volume, no good microphone (stereo balance 20% left channel 80% right channel), optimized OS for not receiving notifications and 2% battery increase instead. Or have they changed these up too?
              I don't know, but I'm about to get the Pixel (2XL), this phone sounds too good to be true. And considering the above mentioned aspects and then some more, It's good only for the Screen-to-body ratio and Chipset. (Not battery, I thought it was a bigger one.)

              P.S. Sorry for re-post, my mistake

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                • v3G
                • 04 Nov 2018

                Yep, i will definitely be the first ones to grab the Sapphire Blue.

                Aside from its 3200 mah battery and no SD slot and no headphone jack, this phone has pretty much what i want:

                1) Great 93.4% bezelless SUPER AMOLED display! (Yeah Google pixel 3 simply sucks)
                2) Ceramic back that oozes coolness and luxury
                3) New blue color is dope!
                4) Flagship SOC and 8GB of Ram!
                5) Great front and rear camera for the price!
                6) Minimum QC 3.0 charger brick and WIRELESS CHARGING PAD included! (yeah i am talking to you, shameless Apple)
                7) Rear fingerprint scanner that is reliable and lightning fast, instead of half baked Under Display fingerprint scanner
                8) Solid Build quality and daring design!
                9) Non - stock android (stock android is pretty overrated and so barebone. I prefer features over snappiness)
                10) Remappable AI button (yeah samsung i am talking to you)

                I would definitely pick this over Honor Magic 2, Lenovo Z5 Pro and Nubia X. Why?

                Magic 2: pls refer to point 2 and 7
                Lenovo Z5 Pro: This device is simply inferior in all aspects.
                Nubia X: pls refer to point 2,5,6,8

                  Anonymous, 04 Nov 2018There are three problematic things with his design: 1. The... moreYou think wrong then.

                    A proper flagship. No notch-chin. No screen issues. No compromises. No gimmicks. No delusions.

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                      • theStick
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                      • 04 Nov 2018

                      I played with it a little at a mi store in shenzhen, it feels solid built and the screen is really immersive, not a perfect phone by any means (not sure about the battery life ) but overall a very nice product that can easily stand out and let's not forget it's still under 500 usd which is quite impressive for what you get.

                        ARc, 04 Nov 2018Another step forward to say goodbye to the notch. What's no... moreIts availability :') Let's see how local importers are gonna work on this.

                          Agree with the side bezels. Some too small ones already show ghost touching with your palm as palm rejection for smartphones is quite rare, even having one doesn't sound like a solution, better having enough bezel to stop palm touch from being registered.

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                            • J2u
                            • 04 Nov 2018

                            Anonymous, 04 Nov 20181) I presume you haven't used phones with slider displays, ... moreYour answer just make my points more valid.

                              Anonymous, 04 Nov 2018I bought a Nokia Slide phone in 2008, I'm still using it in 2018!still under 300,000 open/close cycles ha:)

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                                • j5y
                                • 04 Nov 2018

                                Anonymous, 04 Nov 2018There are three problematic things with his design: 1. The... more1) I presume you haven't used phones with slider displays, So I am letting it slide
                                2) It is not like s9 plus with similar sized and higher resolution screen has 3500 mah battery
                                3) go to a gym or something you lazy boi.. can't lift 200 odd grams...

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                                  • faiya
                                  • kDq
                                  • 04 Nov 2018

                                  look hot but it missing the IR port.

                                    When you put the price comparison to this ( mi mix 3) 3299RMB( base model), honor magic 2(3799RMB, base model) and the lenovo Z5 pro(1998RMB, top model).

                                    Then the mi mix 3 isn't bad, if you don't want a notch and wanted a full screen (all screen) phone. And it come with a wireless charger out of box.

                                    But then it is also depends on what you would like the most, a UD fingerprint reader, or a better SoC.

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                                      • a4T
                                      • 04 Nov 2018

                                      There are three problematic things with his design:
                                      1. There is a possibility that the slider will open and close when pulled out and placed in a pocket which is irritating.
                                      2. The battery is too small for a 6.4 inch display, even if it is an AMOLED.
                                      3. the weight, 220g is too much for a mobile, add a case and a glass screen protector and you reach 250g!, way too much to be handled easily.

                                      I think that these cons outdo the pros for having such a design, I prefer the design of Galaxy S9/Meizu 16th with small bezels and even narrower side bezels. Seems like an unnecessarily complex.

                                        And you, GSMArena, has not yet retested Mi Mix 2s battery life! =(