Counterclockwise: extinct cable connectors for mobile phones

04 November 2018
Who here remembers Nokia's Pop-Port? USB killed it and others, but its own future is not secure.

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  • 04 Nov 2018

Waiting to see which brand will be first to have the dumb idea to kill the USB and make people use only slow Bluetooth to transfer files between smartphone /computer.

    Believe me, once writing and reading speeds of wireless connections tops USB 3.1 speeds it will become the sole type of connectivity between devices killing off all USB ports

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      • 04 Nov 2018

      I like the Samsung USB-OTG adapter. It's not a cable but allows you to plug a cable in it. That way you decide which device acts as a host.

        Its a shame that microUSB is still alive.

          TC, 04 Nov 2018C to 3,5mm Adapters alwasy have DACs? Afaik there are pa... moreYes, USB-C can output analog audio as well. However, most USB-C to 3.5mm adapters I've encountered used a DAC.

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            • 04 Nov 2018

            There were the Nokia DKU serial cables and Motorola proprietary data cables, they were generally expensive and wouldn't last long, after purchasing a new phone you usually had to purchase a new cable anyways. At least Nokia did stick with their charger cables for several years before moving to Micro USB.

            I don't see USB-C going anywhere soon, Wireless charging has a lot to catch up. I still haven't found a practical way do wireless charge my phone while driving, I'd rather plug it in.

            Still using the 3.5mm jack with my U$250 headphones, I'd rather not use a dongle. I even purchased a black one to go with my IPhone 8 Plus.

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              • 04 Nov 2018

              It was awesome when I got a Motorola flip phone with miniUSB, for the first time I could just buy a cheap cable from any electronics shop instead of looking for an expensive proprietary one from an authorized dealer. Motorola was the first with microUSB too. Samsung, on the other side, seemed to have a special connector for every phone.

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                • 04 Nov 2018

                These old Nokia ports wont lasted long. Sometimes not charging at all. Constructed from plastic. Wear and tier.Mobile phones are constructed poorly these 100-200 phones. Now i haw all table whit teared down phones whit no value at all.

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                  • 04 Nov 2018

                  C to 3,5mm Adapters alwasy have DACs?

                  Afaik there are passive ones too,
                  as USB-C is supposed to support analog Audio alternate Mode.

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                    • 04 Nov 2018

                    The Fast Port that older Sony Erickson phones used was a nightmare to live with. I regularly bought new cables and adapters, because they would always break down after a month or two, no matter how expensive ones I bought. I'm glad it hasn't been a thing for many, many years now.

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                      • 04 Nov 2018

                      But still USB C port is not universal and same on each and every phone. Some
                      phones have USB C 2.0 while others have USB C 3.1. Well in few more years we will see phone manufacturers adopting Thunderbolt USB C as their default port on phones.

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                        • 04 Nov 2018

                        I guess , With time , There will be no port in phone.

                        Wireless charging + Bluetooth earphone + onscreen volume slider....Swipe ui....

                        It will be very nice soap phone.....No port at all....

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                          • 04 Nov 2018

                          not surprised when phone eliminate charging port, in their defence wireless charging is the future

                            Hated proprietary ports on the old slider phones, had to use the crappy included headphones. Best was the 2.5mm jack, nice and compact

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                              • 04 Nov 2018

                              I think cables will never die. Personally i would choose cable as my main driver because for me it's easier, you just plug it and done without waiting while bluetooth and wifi have to wait for the connection and you have to find your device. But in case you don't bring your cables, it's always nice to use wifi or bluetooth

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                                • 04 Nov 2018

                                If there is something in this world that should die already, microUSB it is.