Our Huawei Mate 20 Pro video review is up

04 November 2018
There's a lot to love about the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but very little to complain about.

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Excellent detail packed video review.

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abc, 05 Nov 2018any issue with the screen? greenish*Fixed*
"According to users, the problem is widespread among units with LG's OLED panels while handsets featuring BOE's displays don't have similar issues.".
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king of 2018 !! and probably will stay this way until q2 even q3 2019!

  • abc

any issue with the screen? greenish

Do Mate 20X review please

Good job Huawei. As a user of the Mate 2,8,9 in the United States, wish they would give us the new Mate series, but after the U.S. government tossed them out, I can't blame them. If I can find them with the USA LTE modems, I'll probably continue to buy them.
Rugged, HUGE battery, and flat out stable OS with very little bloat.

Amazing phone, well done and well deserve Huawei.

huge leap over Mate 10 pro...Huawei doesn't slow down in 2018...