Analysts: almost half of the Apple smartwatches shipped are Series 1

05 November 2018
Data from Counterpoint shows that the smartwatch market is growing quickly. Apple is still on top, Fitbit jumped to second place.

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  • artkicz

no way. analysts definetly excluded the real fitnes watches i.e. watches from garmin and suunto. No one who seriously run or cycling using iwatch or other toy watches

  • Kangal

This is bad news.
The Apple Watch v1 is quite bad, I much prefer the v2's under-the-hood improvements or something like the Huawei Watch v1 instead. They offer more functions, with a better screen, faster performance, and longer battery life.

The Series 1 (aka v1) is still expensive, so if people buy that... they're going to think ALL smartwatches are that bad. Certainly not. The Apple Watch (v3) is again better, and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is night and day better. Not to mention the new Samsung Galaxy Watch (s4) and the new Apple Watch (v4).

It's like buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 for US$3500 in 2018, and concluding that the S7/S8/S9 must be bad.

smartwatch is not truly water resistant. i wore a misfit vapor watch and get in pool everyday for 5 months, water got in the watch and the watch never works normally again.

I checked on its web, it said it is 50m water resistant, suitable for wearing in swimming. and said the model passes the 10k swim stroke tests. I reviewed how many strokes i did in pool, roughly 100 strokes everyday for the past 5 months. 15,000 strokes were made in the past 5 months. the actual watch had done better than what it claimed on the web.

I switched back to a US$80 traditional g shock. i can tell it is so much more reliable. never need to worry water getting in. never need to charge it everyday. charge one less device every day. within the 0.1s i watch my watch, i got the time already. need not turn on or wake up the screen. the feeling is fast, straight, functioning and reliable. just need 48 hours, i got used to the traditional watch again. smartwatch is slower, not for serious, critical use.

i have interest to get a US$1000 professional g shock next time. rather than another toy like smartwatch. when many functions, nice display, powerful processors and storage fit in a small device, its battery would never last long. there is no way to solve this problem. unless there is huge advancement in battery tech some day

damn it bbk!

Man, Android really needs to bring it a true Apple Watch and Airpods competitor.

  • Anonymous

Gauron, 05 Nov 2018Let's be real analysts, Health has nothing to do with the n... moreReally, nothing? I know people who bought Apple Watch for no other reason than health. Or do you suggest strapping a cellphone to the wrist is an option for people with money? I dont see any billionaires with phones strapped to their arms. But of course, your country is obviously very different from the rest of the world.

Health/fitness is the main driving factor behind smartwatch sales, no doubt, its why pure fitnessdevices like Fitbit, Polar and Garmin are doing so well alongside the health/fitness-centric apple watches. Even the aviator-centric Garmin D2 has all the regular Garmin fitness functions, without health and fitness the market wouldnt exist and the lack of such is why smartwatches of the past all failed.

  • Gauron

Let's be real analysts, Health has nothing to do with the numbers. Most people have a good enough cell phone and can't justify buying a new one right now, but a smartwatch seems like something that they can justify to themselves as necessary -when it is just gadget lust.