Google issues statement about RAM management issues on the Pixel 3

05 November 2018
A fix will come over-the-air “in the coming weeks”.

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  • 12 Nov 2018

A good camera & sound quality is not enough for a high-end device. Ram & Ram Management is worst in this price phone, my mid-range device is better than this crab pixel 3 that can hold up to 5 high graphics games in the background.

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    • 09 Nov 2018

    Dr. Chillo, 06 Nov 20184GB is not enough for an Android phone. 6GB is the minimum ... moreAre you kidding? UFS 2.1 in Pixel and any 845 Android smartphone is way faster than NVMe storage

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      • 06 Nov 2018

      How on earth does this issue not get picked up during pre launch testing. We saw enough in the wild to know they did test them. I bet they hand them to several members of staff, that must be minimal user types. Ridiculous.

        This is pathetic from Google, should have got it right the first time round.
        RAM management is vital to smartphones.

          Shui8, 06 Nov 2018Sony Xperia has one of the best ram management for years be... moreWell, the phones with Oxygen OS and EMUI typically have 6 to 8 GB of RAM, they'd perform better than the Pixel 3 and XZ3 if they had the RAM management software bug simply because they have 50-100% more RAM.

          I do think Google should've reacted faster than the December security OTA though, as it is something that Impacts the experience big time. And the experience is what it's all about with Pixel phones.

            Rather than statements, they should improve the Pixel line before launch. Only good thing is Camera experience but why they are not after a proper balanced device is beyond me? This looks just like a developer device, priced premium and marketed as a flagship competitor! In other words, costlier Nexus. Really what is the focus of Google with this Pixel line is unlcear! They have stock Android, top notch hardware and premium stuff but the experience is all beta software!

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              • 06 Nov 2018

              Shui8, 06 Nov 2018Sony Xperia has one of the best ram management for years be... moreYou never had an XZ3 in your hand and you talk?
              I have one ... no problem with RAM.
              Best phone I ever had.

                The right solution here is to get yourself a oneplus device and you will be surprise to hear that people are paying over 600usd for flagships and they are experiencing this.
                The Best Android experience is in Oxygen Os right on the oneplus.

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                  • 06 Nov 2018

                  Newer smartphones have much better hardware, but software departments often lagged behind. This ram management issue always happened on new phone every year. I even read a changelog on some phone update which fix force close when using SMS. Seriously, they can't even handle SMS properly.

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                    • 06 Nov 2018

                    Shui8, 06 Nov 2018Sony Xperia has one of the best ram management for years be... moreNo, not really. Op6t (8gb ram) got smoked by iPhone xr in 2nd round of speed tests done on YouTube.

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                      • 06 Nov 2018

                      This is the situation when a company wants you to pay premium price for the device which doesn't compare to the competition when it comes to RAM size.

                        I'm a bit torn.. People obviously don't fully understand the issue here and it makes me laugh about their bumps to "clean android experience" and so on. What about actually thinking of this issue thru? Everyone says it is the camera that causes this issue. Everyone knows the camera starts to take pictures once it "launches" to take the perfect shot for the user, which they can choose from once they took the shot. This action will have huge demand on ram as those shots aren't fully saved, only stored in "temporary hold" so the user can choose from it. And the place it is stored in is ram. Sadly, 4gb ram isn't enough and it causes to close apps that are used to maintain the unsaved photos active until the user selects one. Yes, potentially there can be more at hand, but this is the first explanation that comes in mind, especially considering that this hasn't been happening previously. This means that the new feature requires redesigning, that is all. Anyone has other ideas? I'm all in to hear from them as that would bring constructive feedback.

                          How do they intend to fix the 4GB RAM into any higher by a simple OTA update?

                          That won't work Google :p

                            4GB is not enough for an Android phone. 6GB is the minimum for a phone over 400$.
                            It's really sad to see Google goes for a horrible Microphone, only 4GB Ram, still no NVMe storage, still one camera (wide angle or thelephoto) but Price of a real flagship.
                            don't get me wrong i did own Pixel XL and Pixel 2XL and i really did enjoy them even they had many problems as well but this time is just way too much google.

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                              • 06 Nov 2018

                              xXENDER FREAKXx, 06 Nov 2018It's pretty funny to see Google's most stock software exper... moreSony Xperia has one of the best ram management for years because of its near stock Android, however in newest XZ3 the ram management became bad, i guess now i know its caused by the native Android Pie system bugs.

                              Strange how Oxygen & Emui can maintain their goodness in Ram Management in Android Pie, confirming they use their own system preference, which is good.

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                                • 06 Nov 2018

                                I heard that the update of XZ Premium to 9.0 was delayed 1 month for the same reason.
                                It was supposed to be out on 26th October.

                                  Anonymous, 06 Nov 2018Muhahaha look at those people who harp about "clean Android... moreWould you prefer Apple?

                                    Shui8, 06 Nov 2018As of now, Oxygen & EMUI offer the best ram management ... moreIt's pretty funny to see Google's most stock software experience having these kind of issues, when others having some sprinkles on top does it better without these issues. Me switching off Smart Cleaner on my older X series smartphones solved the multitasking issue, simple as that

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                                      • 06 Nov 2018

                                      opt, 06 Nov 2018sounds bit weird but (X) Doubt.Weird flex but ok

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                                        • 06 Nov 2018

                                        Muhahaha look at those people who harp about "clean Android experience!" I guess that's the price you pay for being Google's beta testers for the next 2 years lol. I feel bad for the sheeps who even think about getting this phone in the first place.