Price of Realme 2 in India goes up by 5%, Realme C1's price increased by 14%

06 November 2018
The price of the 4/64GB version of the Realme 2 remains unchanged. The gap between it and the 3/32GB is now smaller.

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  • suresh
  • YQL
  • 14 Nov 2018

realme is best branded phone. i like realme 2 pro very much.

    SKR..., 06 Nov 2018It's always due to an incapable finance minister that the e... moreYeah you should be appointed as finance minister as soon as possible. Look at the world economy, reason for the rupee fall is the trade war between US and china. You people are the best at blaming others.

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      • Luxor
      • KZK
      • 07 Nov 2018

      So much for budget phone. Lol. Increased price.

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        • Anonymous
        • yp1
        • 06 Nov 2018

        I bought a Realmi C1 for my Dad.
        Frankly saying the specs are great at that price.
        But real life usage is worst.
        Display is good.
        Performance is very bad.
        Dual cam is for name sake.
        UI is worst among all.

        Peoples are buying it by seeing the notch and specs. Its a below avg device in my opinion

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          • Anonymous
          • D0a
          • 06 Nov 2018

          AnonD-781012, 06 Nov 2018A big thanks to modiji...What are you ? 5th standard ?

            sadh, 06 Nov 2018Till now, it is unaffected. But rumors have it. USD25-30 pr... moreIt's available offline in Reliance digital and my jio stores

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              • Anna
              • tTd
              • 06 Nov 2018

              Now Diwali Festival season is almost over. Currency rate had been increased in last 3 months & all OEM's were holding rate hike for Diwali season only. They are very much aware that nobody purchase anything later. Now price may be doubled in next 6 months.

                It's always due to an incapable finance minister that the entire economy of the country suffers. Arun Jaitely who has no qualification in finance or economics is there to ruin the entire economy of the country. On the top of that he gives illogical and lame explanations on why rupee is falling!

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                  • AnonD-781012
                  • DkU
                  • 06 Nov 2018

                  A big thanks to modiji...

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                    • sadh
                    • tDQ
                    • 06 Nov 2018

                    Till now, it is unaffected. But rumors have it. USD25-30 price hike is expected as they hit shelves in offline store. Currently, it is only available in Flash Sale.