LG patents a smartphone design with under-display front camera

07 November 2018
The era of notch-less edge-to-edge screens might be closer than we think.

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Sony already had this patent from 3 years

  • Anonymous

but its just vanity - it's just for hiding the cutout - the cutout will still be there though invisible and unusable for display.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2018notch-haters be like "this is what it's supposed to be, not... moreYou don't understand the concept, do you? It means that positively will have a transparent screen and no no notches when you don't use camera or app that uses proximity sensor such as calling. BUT maybe have notches when you use those apps (i dont have problem with it) or maybe not.

And really it's a real progress than those ugly notches that didnt bring anything.

  • Anonymous

notch-haters be like "this is what it's supposed to be, not like those with notches", ahh obviously there will still be a notch or a cutout for the lens not to be covered

  • PP

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2018lmao, so there will be this huuuuge dead pixels smack dab i... moreNope. It's actually feasible using OLED. As for regular LCD, the pixel lines can have alternate blank-pixel-blank-pixel pattern - it will allow half of the light to go to the camera sensor - of course that will reduce display quality on that part of as well as the image quality of the images produced by the camera.

It's not technically 'Under-display. Its more on the lines of a notch. Under display would require a tech where OLED pixels beicme transparent, when the camera placed under the screen uses them as a lens. That way, like electronic ND filters, the charge helps the screen pixels oscillate between the screen and the lens for the camera.
Its not really an impossible tech. If someone paid me enough, I could tell you how it's done.

Phones like this probably won't happen within the next 2-3 years.

  • Anonymous

lmao, so there will be this huuuuge dead pixels smack dab in the middle of nowhere


I'd let ya guys break the bank to experience this half-assed design and wait myself. good luck phone market.

Abinash D, 07 Nov 2018Whatever Samsung does, lg also does the same thingThey are korean company

  • AnonD-797904

Wow! The race is now to create an under-display front camera.
Human wisdom has vastly increased these days.

so if I can make a rough sketch concept, basically I can patent a time machine

A copy cat company will copy this idea lol

Hate so much the crap slide out camera and notch phone....pretty heavy as hell.

Lg and samsung gain the same ideas...please released it soon...

  • Anonymous

Devil , 07 Nov 2018Apple will patent it second and win in every court. LG will... moreApple will introduced some stupid patents.

  • Anonymous

Samsung and lg comes with same invation Lol.

Whackcar, 07 Nov 2018I don't expect to see a UD front camera for the next few ye... moreThat what people said about UD fingerprint sensor couple years ago. They didnt expect to see it till 2020. They so convinced we dont have the technology at all. Look at where we are now. It pretty much a norm in flagship. I wont doubt if it happen next year.

  • AJ_74

Here come the dumb masses...

"Let's take take that thing that needlessly cuts out part of the display at the edge and move it INSIDE the display. BRILLIANT!"

  • Abinash D

Whatever Samsung does, lg also does the same thing

  • Devil

Apple will patent it second and win in every court. LG will be banned from US soon.

Yeah i hate crap slide out and notch phones....crap heavy

Under displayed camera is super gorgeous.....cn wait it from Lg

We already have UD fingerprint scanner so UD front camera should be close and should'nt it be easier than UD fingerprint scanner, imo sliders are cooler than completely bezel less phones