Google to launch two more mid-range phones, ARCore APK teardown claims

07 November 2018
Similarly to the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, the handsets will come in two sizes.

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The Pixel 3 duo are already mid-rangers priced as flagship. The design, specs & camera count all lag behind every competitor out there.

If the rumored upcoming mid-rangers are real, then they would be nothing more than low-end phones priced as mid-rangers. It'll probably have an IPS LCD display with SD600/SD700 series SoC coupled with 3/4 GB of RAM with same single camera and an outdated design. Meh!

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    • mx{
    • 07 Nov 2018

    Pixel 3 Lite

      if is it another "pure" Android phone i'll skip.

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        • mHe
        • 07 Nov 2018

        Interesting and matches previous rumours however will probably still have premium 500+ pricing.

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          • Fv4
          • 07 Nov 2018

          Two midrange phones = One is using Snapdragon 675 while the other is Snapdragon 710.

          One is completely like Pixel 3 and the other is a 16:9 compact phone. Please keep the stereo speakers and add a headphone jack at least one of the two models. It's a criminal offense that a Midranger would omit a headphone jack.

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            • 07 Nov 2018

            Notch Interested

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              • 07 Nov 2018

              I would be so down to buy this. Still running my nexus 5x and gonna college next yr so itd b perfect