Android adds support for flexible displays

08 November 2018
Like it or not, flexible smartphones are the future and Google is betting big on that one.

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Manhurt, 08 Nov 2018Android Tablets is already R.I.P when Android phone almost ... moreWith this software support Google just united tablets and phones, so all future devices running Android will all be phablets, but unlike today Androids they will be more like tablets than phones.

Whispers, 08 Nov 2018Tell me which android tablet functions properly at price ta... moreI have Galaxy Tab S2 which is good and never had any issues. But most of the Android users and Tablet wannabes like already having Ultra portable laptops much powerful, capable, expandable, 4K screen, 16 GB RAM with Windows Pro need to invest again on iPad Pro or similar tablets, it is unnecessary...IMO

I agree iOS dominates the "smartphoneOS" tablet segment.
Full Photoshop.
A lot of artist doing great things with the pen.
And for music production, iOS works well. and android pretty much not at all.

Tablet as a category for media watching, surfing and reading, that is mostly replaced by large screened phones (for good and for bad... mostly bad in my mind).

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018while i 'like' the idea, i disagree with this being the fut... more3D faild so much that it actually came back in a much smarter format, in the so called VR glasses.
The problem is that the movie industry, did not see what was coming, and skipped support for 3D with the Ultra HD BluRay format... so no 4K 3D releases, and no HDMI copyright protection to support connecting to multiple VR headsets.

Makes very little sense for the average user of folding in that way, since videos wont get any bigger than holding the device in landscape orientation. And surfing social media will come with few advantages.
And for marketing, having a more squarish devices that folds out to a wide-screen device, would increase the diagonal size more.

The good thing is the devices might get small enough that the "phone" mode might work for one hand usage.

Flip-phone style could have been nice, just folding a typical smartphone in half on the height (portrait orientation). For talking in the device it could be used like a flip-phone with a folding point to better follow the contour of the face.

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Whispers, 08 Nov 2018Tell me which android tablet functions properly at price ta... moreStill have my Nexus tablet and i don't have much issues with it except for maybe some apps that doesn't run well on tablet but the ones i'm using are all fine. If there's a flagship tablet around, i'll still pick an Android tablet over an iPad if i'm a casual user cos there's much more i can do on it than on iPad. Haven't tried a Chromebook but if it works like a laptop and it runs Android app then all the better.

Kingslayer, 08 Nov 2018A foldable Pixel smartphone might not be too far off. This ... moreAgreed. This foldable tech could be used for more than just phones

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018I second this.Thinking the same. I mean even if you fold in half, that's going to double the thickness. And if you make it too thin??? Well there goes the durability.

I can see this on wearable On a wrist or something, that would be curved and flexible, but not foldable. Smartphone that goes around your wrist seen not too far fetched, especially with wireless earbuds to go with it

Galaxy Note 10, 08 Nov 2018Android tablets give you phone functionalities, WhatsApp, e... moreTell me which android tablet functions properly at price tag matching iPad 2018.

Tell me of android tablet that has even close perform ancestors to iPad pro 2018.

Face it, unlike smartphone, tablet is iOS dominated. Google gave up this part to focus on Chromebooks. Android is just garbage at the moment in tablet side

APPDROID, 08 Nov 2018Foldable phones are over-rated..!How so,when you have never used nor seen one?

Foldable phones... yes thx. But surely i have to wait some years, then the price is for most of us and the tech is free for child diseases. I have waited for this in some years now, Sammy have talk about this for 4 or 5 years now, but now it will not only be them releasing foldable phones and thats also good for customers because of the high prices Sammy love to take to.
I really looking forward to get a phone and tablet (2in1) in one, will be so usefull in my opinion and we will no longer see all the wrecked displays to.

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i want 1000+ppi with VR headset

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018No it's because android on tablets Is hot garbage whereas i... moreAndroid tablets give you phone functionalities, WhatsApp, expandable storage, AMOLED 50% lesser cost.

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Manhurt, 08 Nov 2018Android Tablets is already R.I.P when Android phone almost ... moreNo it's because android on tablets Is hot garbage whereas iOS on iPad is getting better every year by a huge amount.

Chris Apple, 08 Nov 2018R.I.P. Android tabletsAndroid Tablets is already R.I.P when Android phone almost can what a tablet do. That is why iPad still exist cause iPhone even has weakness on battery unlike their iPad.

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What a silly trend. No tnx.


Foldable phones are over-rated..!

R.I.P. Android tablets

i read that people that hold it in his hands tell that the panel is not so good as a flat panel, and explained was cause the flexibleness affect the color accuracy. i wonder if when i unfold the display that gonna strech the display and thus, affect the display.

A foldable Pixel smartphone might not be too far off. This is one of the reasons why I'm holding off on a Pixel 3. Why get something new when the next revolution in form factor is coming soon? Tired of the same old design.

Of course, these foldables will take a few years to mature and for the price to go down. If it arrives by next year, it could take by 2022 of refinement. I could see foldable displays doing well for smartphone/tablet hybrids but also for wearables.