Counterclockwise: the wireless charging format wars

11 November 2018
It's VHS and Betamax all over again - the more technologically advanced format lost. 

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  • 01 Apr 2019

airpower is no more

    Walter C. Dornez, 17 Nov 2018Shoot, really? Hmm, maybe try importing. It should be fairl... moreWell i will chheck somewhere i have no choice.

      CptPower, 16 Nov 2018Well but no carrier sells it just because i want. All the... moreShoot, really? Hmm, maybe try importing. It should be fairly cheap

        Walter C. Dornez, 16 Nov 2018You’ll need to get another one thenWell but no carrier sells it just because i want.
        All the have are universal chargers.

          CptPower, 15 Nov 2018Well my Moto X4 charger were insanely fast until its get br... moreYou’ll need to get another one then

            Walter C. Dornez, 12 Nov 2018Hmm, perhaps, but I've heard that they make the phones spec... moreWell my Moto X4 charger were insanely fast until its get broken.

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              • 14 Nov 2018

              I still use the Lumia 820 as my main phone and never use the usb port for charging, just when I connect it to laptop or pc. I'm proud of my phone and it's one of the first to use wireless charging. Qi is the future for all wireless charging

                CptPower, 11 Nov 2018I heard it would work for other phones. I am not having e... moreIt might give a little boost but not proper SVOOC boost your charging time might decrease by half an hour but your battery wont top up in half hour and since your phone is not compatible with it, it might heat up so I suggest you get QC or Moto X4 charger

                  why they Merge PMA and A4WP if they dont want to use Rezence , lolz
                  there is no marketing benefit , even make the world more confuse

                    Deceptor, 11 Nov 2018Instead of wireless charging, why don't we talk about solar... moreUnless you're a farmer or a construction worker or something like that, a solar-charging capable phone won't really be useful to you. Most of us work in offices, institutions & other buildings where we barely get sunlight, if at all. Solar-Charging phones are not practical due to this reason. Then there's also the fact that solar-charging is slow and you would need to keep your phone in direct sunlight for long periods. It just won't be useful & serve as a gimmick.

                      Anonymous, 11 Nov 2018More cons than Pro. That's the point. omitting it doesn't decrease the price. what's the point?

                        Johnny, 11 Nov 2018So what? The glass isn't only thsere for wireless charging.... moreYou mean the more fragile the phone is, the more premium it is?
                        Not necessarily. Am ready to buy a metal back mid ranger than buying a flagship with glass back and no wireless charging.

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                          • 12 Nov 2018

                          Phonenerf, 11 Nov 2018It is not a replacement for normal charging because it is s... moreYou don’t care about speed if most places you lay your phone are charging it, ensuring it is always fully charged. The last time I plugged a cable into my phone was more than 4 years ago and I never needed to consciously think about charging or wonder how fast it’s charging, even though I only use a single fast charging pad. I have pads by the desk, in the car, at work, on the bedside table and in the living room. My phone is always 100% charged unless I go out.

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                            • 12 Nov 2018

                            I can’t imagine going back to cable charging, and I am incredibly excited where wireless charging goes in the future with future releases of Qi or other standards for longer distance charging.

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                              • 12 Nov 2018

                              Akaike, 11 Nov 2018Why do people always wanna "fix" whats not broken? That is what we called innovation.

                                CptPower, 11 Nov 2018Well any other would do. I am tired and bored of regular ... moreHmm, perhaps, but I've heard that they make the phones specifically to be able to take that power output. If your Moto detects a charger that was made specifically for a different device, then I don't think it'll charge at the crazy speeds

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                                  • 12 Nov 2018

                                  Zendroid, 11 Nov 2018New trend? Wasn't it iPhone 4 that started with the extreme... moreIt was the iPhone 4, and next imitated by the LG Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia Z1.

                                  Then it didn't take long to realise even Treated/Tempered Glass was not fit for the harsh daily human use. HTC was using Aluminium (though poor build quality and QC), Samsung kept using plastic, whereas Nokia upped the ante with Spacegrade Polycarbonate. Even Apple did a course-correction, and started using Aluminium with the iPhone 5, and eventually everyone started to copy this except Samsung. Samsung were the ones to come back to slippery fragile glass with the S6-family and they spent close to 1 Billion Dollars in marketing this as the new trend. Many followed Apple with Aluminium, but Huawei started to imitate Samsung, while both HTC and Nokia fell. Then the rest of the Android OEMs (eg LG) started to imitate Samsung since they could cash in on this new marketing trend, perhaps add Wireless Charging as to entice buyers, all the while making the phone cheaper to build and more prone to needing after-sales servicing (extra money). Apple was of course jealous, that they couldn't be as anti-consumer as their rivals.... so in 2018 with the iPhone X-family they made the conversion. Meanwhile, sales of Spacegrade Polycarbonate has skyrocketed since more and more people are buying them to put on their shiny and broken phones....meaning that as an average phones have actually gotten thicker, heavier, larger, and smaller Screen to Bezel ratio.

                                    Zendroid, 11 Nov 2018Not worth the space. The focus should be on other things! L... moreI wouldn't say never, just it'll take possibly another 3 years before it's adequate

                                      Zendroid, 11 Nov 2018New trend? Wasn't it iPhone 4 that started with the extreme... moreWasn't it the 4S?

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                                        • 11 Nov 2018

                                        Instead of wireless charging, why don't we talk about solar charging panels in mobile phones