Xiaomi's Black Shark gaming phone arrives in Europe on November 16

09 November 2018
It will be available to purchase in 28 countries on the continent.

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  • Anonymous

Camera dynamic range of xiaomi is still poor. expect keep the highlight blown out and shadow is just flat black till next few decades

  • Anonymous

ToonToon, 11 Nov 2018Most Important thing of a gaming smartphone is Battery. For... moreI would even go further.

For the price they're asking BOTH the mandatory audio jack and USB-type-C-port MUST be gold-plated! ;-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2018i agree! completely! i dont understand not even one OEM...... moreNot to mention the most basic feature of a cell-phone. A simple system that shows that you have a missed call or text, via a notification LED or AOD (like Nokia's Sleeping screen or on android No-LED or similar) WITHOUT users needing to unlock their phone's screen.

I bet that if GSMArena would calculate the average time a user (needs to) unlocks their screen that the battery usage figures would be totally different than what they have now!

Now they only do some media-playback, some surfing time, some standby but don't take into account how many times a user unlocks their screen to see if they missed something.

If you activate your screen, let's say 20 or 30 times a day, what does that do to your battery-life?

  • Anonymous

ToonToon, 11 Nov 2018Most Important thing of a gaming smartphone is Battery. For... morei agree! completely!
i dont understand not even one OEM... its like idiots are working there,the people who are making desicions what kind of battery will be used, headphone jack, sd card slot etc.... ALL must be included! no exuses!
how many times i saw very nice spec of the phone and then they fu... k up with low battery capacity or something similar...

Most Important thing of a gaming smartphone is Battery. For a gaming smartphone there should be
1. Atleast 6100 mah battery not 4000mah.
2. a Larger Display like 6.5 or 7 inch Amoled Display with 1080x2160 resolution.
3. Stereo Speakers. They can use earpiece as a 2nd speaker.
4. 6GB/128 GB Memory, Snapdraon 845 or higher.
5. And a printed (any sponsored game's) rugged back cover with display corner protection.

Like if you agree..

Probably the same price as rog phone.

No NFC . It’s so expensive to put it there ?

Really not understand making a gamer phone with such a small display... The phone looks okay for the price btw...

  • Anonymous

Asus ROG phone is miles ahead of Xiaomi Black Shark even though Black Shark costs lower. The differences are COST & number of cellular bands used for both phones. ROG phone has a 3.5mm jack as STANDARD. For Black Shark, not present. ROG phone, however does not have a microsd slot just like Black Shark. ROG phone has 2 USB-C ports, Black Shark only has 1.

PS: Asus ROG phone could have been a perfect phone had it included microsd slot as STANDARD.

  • Anonymous

lahuevo, 10 Nov 2018tthis is better than the razer 2 with his shameful battery ... moreBut both of them offer more too. This is just another SD845 device

  • Metalian

But why not Black Shark Helo? Isn't too late now for first gen? :(((

  • Anonymous

What are you talking about? In Lithuania it's here already for like 2 months and it doesn't that anyone's buying it.

Rex Tech, 10 Nov 2018We already have it here (Europe) for a month now.Nobody is ... moreThe reason why no one is buying is because other high-end flagships are doing way better in aspects like the quality of the display, the camera. Other than the gaming things that they sprinkle on it, what else is there that it excels? Nothing. Plus, who wants to bring a smartphone with gaming aesthetic to work? The normal high-end flagships got u covered in this, suitable for both work and gaming, though they may have some touch screen nuisance. In my opinion, it ain't worth it to buy a gaming smartphone right now, there are quite a number of compromises here. Heck, I wouldn't even consider gaming smartphones "gaming", the chipset is still the same as other normal high-end flagships, the RAM doesn't have any speed advantages over normal high-end flagships, though in theory the liquid cooled, vapor cooled, whatever they called it is better in cooling, I've seen some videos where something like the RAZER Phone 2 is overheating whereas other normal high-end flagships are not, so the theory might be wrong. These brands making "gaming" smartphones should look at gaming laptops, how are they like, and what form of upgrades do they have over normal laptops

We already have it here (Europe) for a month now.Nobody is buying it.The price is somewhere around 520 Euroes (same price as Samsung S8+ and LG V30+).

  • VeniceHoe

That logo on the back is so goofy.

tthis is better than the razer 2 with his shameful battery life performance and the overpiriced asus rog phone krab :)

  • opt

rawr..!! (^^^)

  • iPad Pro

Can't see it beating the latest iPad Pros with their 500,000+ Antutu scores.