The Sharp Aquos R2 compact is the first dual-notch phone

15 November 2018
We're not mad, we're just disappointed. Actually, with a 120Hz HDR10 screen, Snapdragon 845 and Android 9.0 Pie, this isn't all bad.

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  • Anonymous

Ideal size good phone to buy, just battery weak.

  • Akos

Only in Japan? Pls.... make an international one.... We need normal size phones!!!

  • Anonymous

I held my old iPhone 4 the other day and realized 'normal'-size phones these days are a tiring strain. I'd take a serious look at a localized one with NA bands if the price wasn't exorbitant.

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2018The ENTIRE AUDIO INDUSTRY DISAGREES with your comments. There is... moreHow big is the battery oh the S10? When you find out, let me know. Until then, I'll just use Bluetooth audio and the dongle if I really need the audio jack. It isn't that hard, just attach the dongle to your headset.

You people complaining are like children. Every inconvenience is like the end of the world. All caps and yelling? Get a life, dude.

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2018The ugly is real.Next up, quad-notch, a notch in each corner.
Then, uni-notch, the all-encompassing notch taking up the whole front with screens on the sides.

i think i like the compact design that fit well in hand, but why 2 notch? man enough with one notch. also, i think people will think about that small battery, it makes sense with that little body and new tech of the screen, it will last a bit longer than we expected

  • Essen

I hate notches. But the dimensions are superb. I'd gladly live with the notches for those compact, one-handed dimensions. Wish Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi or any of the globally available brands made something like this. The dimensions are perfect.

  • Anonymous

Welp!!!! This is what you wanted guys 2 notches, now next is side to side notch....

A shame that they couldn't make it more symmetrical. Same type of notch and no bezel aside from the notches.

Chin + bottom notch just looks strange. The chin is big enough to fit screen connector etc so why the notch in addition?

But did they get Apple's Rectangle With Rounded Corners patent?

  • Anonymous

The ugly is real.

Wow I wasnÂ’t expecting the pixel 3 xl to be knocked off its perch as the ugliest phone so SOON

Love the Community, 15 Nov 2018Ahhh, I love the cuck community we have here. Every Xiaomi Mi Mi... morewait... wait... be patience
maybe this dual-notch will become trend, and Sharp can be god again

I'd love it if the notches in the same size, and get rid of the chin
whats the point of bottom notch when there's still chin

  • Anonymous

GOOGL, 16 Nov 2018While others avoiding using a notch hard AF using alien technolo... moreSharp is the first one to have these kinds of design, not Apple nor Samsung nor Huawei

  • Anonymous

"And if you promise to be good and eat your vegetables, it will stay that way."

Not funny

If some stray soul of phone company representative in here. Can we have a phone that sizes around iphone 4, pretty please. And no that palm "phone" does not count.

While others avoiding using a notch hard AF using alien technology like motorized selfie camera or fcking dual screen, on the other side just blatantly copy paste the design and then you're coming with some frigging stupid dual notch setup and a big chin.

If it got one notch and curved cut screen, there might just well be a 2nd notch, for fingerprint reader.
But the space between the cuts, should be 16:9, and Full HD or 4K. As long as it does that, the space around the notches can be seen as extra display area. But there should not be any cuts to the display that makes it impossible to view 16:9 material without distortion.

SHARP is the true notch king. Be original.