Google announces new Wear OS update with improved battery saver mode

15 November 2018
The company's confusingly calling this "H Update" even if your watch will actually display Wear OS 2.2.

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  • 18 Nov 2018

These comments go on to show the degree of misinformation that surrounds Wear OS, and how the internet serves the rumour mill.
In fact most Wear OS sport digital crowns, the new Wear OS interface has been cleaned up featuring just one swipe to all four directions to have everything under your control, and everyone forgets that Wear OS, still uniquely, sports gestures which allow you to display your notifications and swipe through them just by flicking your wrist, no swiping but also no engaging of your other hand needed to operate a crown or a rotating bezel. Extremely handy when you carry a bag, shopping or when you walk and you don't want to stop on your tracks and operate your watch just to have a look at your notifications.

    LOL. aaaahaahaaaah, 16 Nov 2018Because "Rotating crown" has been patented by apple. And "R... moreBut they are (Wear OS) already using the "Rotating Crown", you can easily scroll, you can even drop down the quick settings without swiping down.

      Anonymous, 16 Nov 2018wear os is useless. it's a failed os, especially the user i... moreBecause "Rotating crown" has been patented by apple. And "Rotating ring" has been patented by samsung.
      There's only one way to beat apple: do patent agreement with samsung, so google/wearos can also use the ring-based interface.

        I think they still have room to improve of they wanna beat Apple

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          • 16 Nov 2018

          wear os is useless. it's a failed os, especially the user interface. everything is based on touch and swipe. Very uncomfortable for a very tiny screen. Apple watch and galaxy watch are much more superior than this cr*p.