Samsung may have narrowed down the Galaxy S10’s design

15 November 2018
New patent filing shows a possibly realized Samsung Galaxy S10.

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passerby, 19 Nov 2018It was said that the the pixels will be usable when you are not ... moreThat'd hardly be possible, even if it is, image quality will suffer.

  • passerby

Realistic1, 19 Nov 2018That thing is asymmetrical. It would bother the hell out of me. ... moreIt was said that the the pixels will be usable when you are not working with the camera.

That thing is asymmetrical. It would bother the hell out of me. I don't care about back of the phone but I sure care about the screen. I mean having A HOLE on my screen. I don't care about notch but hole is totally different story. Watching video on screen with a hole on it would be plain frustrating.

  • lyndino

Kuba, 19 Nov 2018will they finally get some fast charging like OPPO 10min = 40% ?... moreI hope Samsung doesn't resort to that stupid fast charging. I like my batteries to be charged proper to prolong the life of the battery.

  • Kuba

will they finally get some fast charging like OPPO 10min = 40% ? superVOOC is amazing, Quickcharge is a joke

jtrogr, 18 Nov 2018Finally something that will brake the first time when dropped.Finally something that will *break* the first time when dropped.

There, fix that for ya

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2018Still notch even a small dot on the left corner it is really a n... moreZTE actually threw out the front camera already, their latest model uses a secondary screen at the back for selfie functions, the front is notchless but not yet bezelless.

  • Anonymous

I don't have OCD, but any kind of asymmetry to the screen is a dealbreaker to me. Imagine if they ever sold TVs purposely populated with an eyesore?

  • jtrogr

Finally something that will brake the first time when dropped.

What about all this, I love Samsung they dont follow Apple with notch, Sammy is no copycat etc etc... All forgoten... Nice.
This phone is so ugly btw.
Samsung could have doing this better for sure, but they didn't. A shame because Huawei comes fast and i dont think they will sell more phones with this one... Maybe, maybe not.

Kingslayer, 17 Nov 2018Model B is my choice. I have an Essential and don't like how ... moreNot to mention the flat version. Personally I like the curves, but they need to tone it down a bit more, especially on the Note devices

  • Nice....

Nice, I said ONLY last week, I'm going to purchase this beast of a phone. this is innovation right HERE, Unlike Apple innovation is making prices HIGH, SMH. The phone looks beautiful and with new ONE UI should will be great.

Tim Crook, will be watching with jealous. S10 for the win!!!!

Model B is my choice.

I have an Essential and don't like how boxy it feels. Too angular. At least we're finally get the first bezel-less, all-screen smartphone. The S8 last year put us closer to it but it's the S10 that will make it a reality.

2017: Close to bezel-less but not quite.
2018: Rehash of 2017 but with notches.
2019: Bezel-less, all-screen came true.

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2018Me: GSMArena doesn‘t support UnicodeI noticed, but somehow I wasn't allowed to edit within the time limit.

But I think the context tells all

I prefer the rounded corners. S10 looking good. Make it a little bit more shorter like the iPhone X/XS and maybe I'll consider it. The Pixel line is still my first priority.

I'm generally not enthused by external designs. I'm not some child looking for attention with an attractive phone. It gets tiring. I care about performance.

If Samsung has excellent performance and features, maybe. Until then, I prefer Android that isn't contaminated by OEMs.

  • Anonymous

Yann, 16 Nov 2018I hope soon one of phone manufacturing companies to produce a fl... moreAs far as I know, wireless charging will only work if the phone's back is in glass. If manufacturer decides to now use glass back, they will remove the wireless charging feature which is may people want. Having wireless charging feature is very convenient than using cable especially when bed time.

  • S6 User

kakouille, 17 Nov 2018Fingerprint scanner will work perfectely for disabled persons.Yes, there are 2 different kinds of under the screen finger print readers, the 1st one's were optical which can be problematic if you have wet, oily finger prints and shouldn't be recommended for shaky hands.

The latest one's which will be on the S10 models (I dont know about the budget entry level S10 (SM-G970F)) are the more expensive underscreen Ultrasonic Finger Print Sensors, which are said to be superior & successful where the Optical fails:
"According to the new leak, the fingerprint reader designated for the Galaxy S10-series is going to be measurably faster than the currently existing optic ones but more importantly, it's will cover a larger area of the screen.":­_qualcomm_ud_fingerprint_reader_for_the_galaxy_s­10-news-34047.php

S6 User, 16 Nov 2018Ah, okay I've seen that rumour now, that the screen is fortified... moreYeah, be careful not to burn it with a lighter. XD

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2018The OLED may be unbreakable (that alone is not possible in any s... moreTrue, though at the moment, Samsung has only said they made it. Whether or not it's a flop out not, we'll have to wait and see

S6 User, 16 Nov 2018Okay, it maybe unbreakable compared to other glass models, but g... moreEh, they guy hates Samsung. In all honesty, hrs got opinion, we've got ours. As for Samsung, if they really wanna stand out from Apple especially, they should give you a great quality screen protector on the box with availability from more via the store. It would make them seem consumer friendly