The USA wants everyone else to stop using Huawei devices

23 November 2018
It already asked Germany, Italy, Japan and others.

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  • 02 Feb 2022

Huawei devices are made of disposable materials, the camera will blur, internet speed is lame, streaming videos is lame, playibg online games laggy, huawei might close their company

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    • Christian
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    • 13 Apr 2021

    30 years mobiles, 25 Nov 2018USA might do what it wants, but their policy is just to har... moreYou can Try Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco

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      • Mikey
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      • 05 Mar 2019

      Anonymous, 28 Dec 2018do we not think that the USA is doing this because apple is... moreNot sure Apple is the ring leader in this.

      Look up the ties between South Korea's former President, who was impeached, found guilty AND sentenced to prison time and Samsung.

      If they'd pull that crap there, is it impossible to believe they'd pull that in the US too?

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        • FMY
        • 28 Dec 2018

        do we not think that the USA is doing this because apple is now loosing business to them.

        HMMMM I wonder, all a bit sudden since the sales dropped.

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          • 11 Dec 2018

          how about apple products, dont they keep-share users records. each and every e based products are unsafe.

            Silent Asian , 26 Nov 2018Imagine if china completely bans Apple company from china ... morein that case apple have to think about building their new factory somewhere else. probably India and that would boost indian economy as well which the chinese govt. doesn't want for sure. a big chunk of chinese workers are working in the foreign owned companies. they will be jobless at once. when you run a government, you have to think all around.

              SHAZAMM, 29 Nov 2018You would think so buddy..but no one in america was ever el... moreLol!

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                • dQL
                • 07 Dec 2018

                SHAZAMM, 29 Nov 2018You would think so buddy..but no one in america was ever el... moreLol are you from Iran?!!

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                  • 03 Dec 2018

                  Crackling Doom, 30 Nov 2018I bought the Mate 20 X a few days ago, lol.I want too but i am no chinese or from Asia.
                  I am from central Europe from tiny country known as Slovakia which is very small.
                  Just like 500km from east to west and half of that from south to north.
                  And about 5 millions of people.

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                    • 30 Nov 2018

                    Shui8, 26 Nov 2018Apple dont spy? Google dont spy? Facebook dont spy? Cisc... moreFirst, the warning is mostly about switches, not consumer phones.

                    Second, the US, the EU, Australia and the rest of the developed world have stringent legal safeguards against government surveillance, while China and Russia consider cyber-surveillance necessary to prop up the current regimes.

                    If you can't tell the difference, then you deserve your government.

                      AnonD-731363, 24 Nov 2018Agree. I am gonna buy P20 pro for my GF on Xmas. I bought the Mate 20 X a few days ago, lol.

                        marclee37, 24 Nov 2018Western countries, Westernized countries have the governmen... moreYou would think so buddy..but no one in america was ever elected by people's choice..not even Obama...Obama was planned..every president in the US was planned..however what they do with that power is their choice and still controlled by a special group of people...Like Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants..but there are people who are higher than him and have more power than him(not the Senators)

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                          • lex
                          • S6e
                          • 29 Nov 2018

                          Google+ is stopped leaking privacy and security issues imagine this tool in hand of dictators like China who is monitoring every one

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                            • Alien
                            • 3RM
                            • 28 Nov 2018

                            KjahWest, 28 Nov 2018that guy, definitely uses an iPhone...HAHA...Nope. I despise locked ios. Android with root capabilities all the way.

                            Go do a search on the darkweb for biometrics for sale and think about huawei after. That's all I'm sayin'..

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                              • 28 Nov 2018

                              Lyndino, 26 Nov 2018I've heard many instances where Huawei phones are not that good.Well me too but my customers proven opposite.

                                raiden78, 26 Nov 2018Hahaha, they think we gonna buy Apple shit instead? No way,... morethat's

                                  Anonymous, 27 Nov 2018I think you should go back to school, illegal alienthat guy, definitely uses an iPhone...HAHA...

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                                    • Kammmmmm
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                                    • 27 Nov 2018

                                    Now this seals the deal--I'm DEFINITELY getting the Mate 20 Pro! How y'all like dem taters...?

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                                      • 27 Nov 2018

                                      Alien , 27 Nov 2018Not everything ASSEMBLED in china is MADE (DESIGNED) by the... moreI think you should go back to school, illegal alien

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                                        • yGe
                                        • 27 Nov 2018

                                        Great. I think I gonna order one soon.