Nokia 8.1's extensive leak confirms it's the X7 global version

29 November 2018
With Snapdragon 710 under the hood, it's the international twin of the Chinese Nokia X7.

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  • 30 Nov 2018

Mehn nokia has just been releasing the phone over and over again with different screen sizes and names with '.1' extensions.

I don't even knw which is which anymore.

    Anonymous, 29 Nov 2018No it does not or Nokia 9 will come in the neat autumn... N... moreThat's a shame. The .1 models are also mid-range versions, so no 855 in them

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      • m5k
      • 29 Nov 2018

      Shanti Dope, 29 Nov 2018I do understand the points, and as far as excitement goes, ... moreYep overlapping model numbers and chipsets are confusing. Not necessarily a bad thing if there are other features that make up the difference. I think that the 8 model was always going to get compromised as the 9 is the new flagship so this has to stay
      still in terms of specs.

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        • 29 Nov 2018

        Walter C. Dornez, 29 Nov 2018At first I was disappointed. Then I realized that this hope... moreNo it does not or Nokia 9 will come in the neat autumn... Nokia 9 will use 845. Hopefully 9.1 will be 8150 or what ever it will be called

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          • m5H
          • 29 Nov 2018

          have Nokia been scared off using OLED after the sirocco?

            Shanti Dope, 29 Nov 2018Capacity is one thing, optimization is another for consider... moreThe Mate 20 X proves to be one of the best enduring phones this year though.

              2018 - Notch
              2019- Foldables
              2020 - Edibles...

                Bharathi, 29 Nov 2018if it is having 4000 mAH.. then i will think about it..Capacity is one thing, optimization is another for consideration.

                Take a look at the original Razer Phone and last year's HTC U11+

                  Love the Community, 29 Nov 2018What the heck they're talking about? Nokia 8.1 is more of a... moreI do understand the points, and as far as excitement goes, this is far more interesting than the Nokia 8, but the use of SD710 is clearly misleading.
                  The .1 on their naming scheme is supposed to be understood as an upgrade to the model that it adds up to.
                  Nokia 6 (SD630) to Nokia 6.1 (SD636)
                  Nokia 7 (SD630) to Nokia 7.1 (SD636)
                  Nokia 7 Plus (SD660) to Nokia 7.1 Plus (SD710)

                  So the thing is, it should've been this way:
                  Nokia 8 (SD835) to Nokia 8.1 (SD845)

                  This is by no means that the phone itself is bad in any way, but its name is very confusing, since SD835 > SD710 still.
                  Making a cheap SD845 phone is very easy, as the chipset itself already costs considerably cheap, probably the cheapest flagship smartphone SoC of this year, with currently also the best GPU performance (only rivalled by Apple's in-house G12 3-core GPU).
                  Nokia 9 should use the SD8150 (or whatever it's going to be called) while these 8.1 devices should get the SD845 instead.

                    Fayth, 29 Nov 2018before the notch, all phones already look the same with rec... moreThey at least had their own unique differentiations.
                    Samsung and Apple with their respective oblong and circular Home button + Fingerprint Scanner, Sony and HTC with their dual front-facing stereo speakers, LG with their secondary screen (V10/V20), and only the rest remained similar in appearance (either plain black or with the logo of the brand on the top or bottom bezel).
                    Now, you must know how OEMs design their notch for them to be recognized as to which do they belong.

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                      • 29 Nov 2018

                      Anonymous, 29 Nov 2018skip the damn notch come on!!!! why follow apple trends? no... morebefore the notch, all phones already look the same with rectangular screen :D

                        Good thing it has OIS. Not many upper midrange devices has this.

                          710 Snapdragon is arguably better than an 800 series phone for many users. My Z3 Play has a 636...even with nav, music and chrome running I am not getting any lag or freezes. The 710 has a better DSP, with the same battery and wallet friendly profile of a 6xx processor.

                            AnonD-804996, 29 Nov 2018Problem is, they are making a flagship with a yesteryear ch... moreI understand your point but I wouldn't say yesteryear's half a year-ish and with the Nokia 9, we'd still be getting the current 845 chipset, along with a number of features that aren't widely available yet, such as the 5 cameras with ZEISS optics, in-screen finger-print reader, Wireless charging, True motion (or whatever it's called) screen, 20 Megapixel selfie cam

                            ...but putting aside those features, with Nokia, we always get premium and durable built devices which on its own deserves recognition when considering the price tag. With all that said, I don't think the Nokia 9 will cost more than $700-$750 will be very strategically priced because Nokia/HMD really want this phone to sell and they know they can't price it like iPhone XS and Galaxy S+ models ...even if it is better than them but they also can't make it cheaper by much otherwise the general consumer will THINK it's a less powerful device and overlook it.

                            This is their first true flagship in a long time and they won't risk it sitting on shelves, which is probably why it's been delayed so many times; to ensure it doesn't disappoint in any way.

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                              • 29 Nov 2018

                              Jophiel, 29 Nov 2018The Nokia 8 has a more powerful SOC than Nokia 8.1?.. Ok...It's the improved Nokia 7 Plus, not the actual successor of the Nokia 8.

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                                • 29 Nov 2018

                                T12, 29 Nov 2018Downgrade not really. 710 is as strong as 835. Just the gra... more*much slowe

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                                  • 29 Nov 2018

                                  The Nokia 8 has a more powerful SOC than Nokia 8.1?.. Ok...

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                                    • 29 Nov 2018

                                    Geric.770, 29 Nov 2018For them, they'll do it for the money and not our concerns.this can be considered as an answer to all complaints about smartphones these days!

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                                      • 29 Nov 2018

                                      if it is having 4000 mAH.. then i will think about it..

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                                        • 29 Nov 2018

                                        i don't like this trend of manufacturers making expensive phones and then remove FM radio feature.
                                        They just want to force us to use more internet.
                                        If some manufactuerer is reading this comment, i am not buying your expensive phone, if it doesn't have FM radio!