Samsung Galaxy A8s to come without 3.5 mm audio jack

30 November 2018
This would be the first Samsung phone to go in this direction.

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  • Dude

Is there any device USB-C port which support all type of C headphones? None.
But 3.5mm will do whatever the brand it is.

Not gonna buy

  • Anonymous

Brynn, 01 Dec 2018no one in smartphone land commented about headphone jack,no... moreApple didn’t asked android OEM’s to remove 3.5 jack aka headphone jack the android OEM’s only follow Apple cause it’s the best lol.

No one is not gonig to buy this phones if it has a 3.5mm jack, but there will be people who will not buy because it has n't got one.

Bluetooth headsets, more time wasted charging things or carry around a more adaptors.

Shanti Dope, 01 Dec 2018A screen hole Anything that's a cut out from the display i... moreA notch is made of bezel though

Imitating Apple, Samsung? First the notch and now ditch the 3.5mm jack.I hope you do not sell anything, if these rumors are confirmed

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018I heared an interesting theory that it's exactly what they ... moreWhat a loaf of bs. They made a two billion dollah profit on mobile last quarter. I'm guessing you're a bot-hurt Sony guy? Sounds like it, at least. :)

Well we had htc, then google, then sony and now Samsung.
Why the f is this trend of removing features a kind of evolution when it's the exact opposite I don't even know.

I use wireless headphones but my phone has a 3,5 jack. I want my phone to have more features than yours, and it has.
Why would I downgrade to this now? Or any other phone without fm radio and headphone jack?
Simple. I wouldn't and won't. At least anytime soon.

krsh20, 30 Nov 2018notch?? where??A screen hole
Anything that's a cut out from the display is a notch
Both take away some usable surface area anyway

no one in smartphone land commented about headphone jack,no one mentioned headphone absolute nothing till stupid apple removed it now its talk of town. well does not bother me I just buy phone with headphone jack. So it looks like end of Samsung for me. fed up of stupid dongles Steve jobs would never allow this mess apple have now created.All you folk saying not bothered about 3.5mm jack are iPhone apologists IT DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN.

some people say, when you have wireless Bluetooth, why choose cable? apart from quality, it's an option. phones with headphone jack aren't forcing you to use cables. many people want to charge their phones while listening to audio, to preserve battery. that is another option being taken away with removal of jacks.
i wouldn't pay more money for less options.

Samsung fans: "You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the trend of the removal of the headphone jack, not join them!"

Really getting rid of it? Well, cant say didnt see this coming. They beter put the dongle inside the box too.

  • Scot

It is great looking phone. Good that we have choices. I have no problem with the notch or this 0 in the screen.
As for getting rid of the head phone jack, does not bother me either. Can use a USB to 3.5 dongle if I want to use my wired earphones or otherwise stick to Bluetooth.
Some of the outrage in the comments is becoming a bit boring. Think some of you should calm down and stop doing multiple posts.

  • Samarth N8 808 user

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018Well pocophone has poor audio quality and loudness. Besides... moreYes, but its almost equal to what most midrangers from Samsung manage.

If you note, I'm projecting Pocophone as a better deal, comparing it to Samsung midrangers, in terms of performance, camera, etc. and of course, Value for money.
Not flagships. Samsung flagships are hard to beat in quality, even for the Chinese.

I doubt if Oneplus, Realme and Mi join forces, they'll be able to create a cheap flagship better than S9+ or Note 9.

Although yes, the Samsung mids have often better display than Pocophone, given their S-AMOLED....

  • krsh20

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2018Samsungs adding a notch and removing headphone jack.. wtfnotch?? where??

Samsung be like , 30 Nov 2018 Hold my beer Got you

  • Anonymous

Samsungs adding a notch and removing headphone jack.. wtf

  • Sean

I really like the camera cut-out in the front. It is unobtrusive, and gives the impression of a true full-face smartphone. I'm really looking forward to the Galaxy S10!

  • Anonymous

This is gonna be as exciting as watching the fallout of Fallout 76