Counterclockwise: gaming phones vs. portable consoles, fight!

02 December 2018
Portable consoles have a long, profitable history and phone makers have been trying to crack into that market for over a decade. 

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  • 30 Jun 2022

Gaming phones are so much better then portable game consoles
yet people want something locked down and limited in what it can do
The gaming phone is the more flexible system and there only improving

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    • 25 Mar 2019

    AmyThePerson, 03 Dec 2018Honestly phones don't have good games IMO. iOS has a few I... moreExatly, I just wanna play Empires & Puzzles. in a pc, ill run the others

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      • Jb$
      • 16 Mar 2019

      bad post

      nintendo switch is hybrid

      portable consoles died with psp vita and 3ds because of the phones

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        • 17 Dec 2018

        im sry but this article sucks... i mean first its obvious that portable consoles sell so much better cuz they have lots and lots of exclusive games... so you cant compare the sold amount
        secondly where the hell is nvidia shield or wii :/

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          • jKX
          • 12 Dec 2018

          Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018Gaming phones will never succeed, because they only suit th... moreA niche could exist, especially for those into things like emulators that demand physical controls, but it's a niche, and no ones really tried to fill it. You need a one stop package with physical controls built in (an xperia play 2) and the understanding that it's never going to be the next iPhone, or even a Switch replacement.

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            • 05 Dec 2018

            samsung galaxy note 9 512gb vs sony ps4 lose

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              • LEi
              • 04 Dec 2018

              Anonymous, 03 Dec 2018In your opinionMention 20 games.

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                • 04 Dec 2018

                Gaming phones will never succeed, because they only suit the casual mobile gamers. Consoles are for REAL gamers.

                  Anonymous, 04 Dec 2018hahahahahahahaha yeah no. sorry. not even close. "native... moreMaybe if you actually used the iOS SDK (needs membership) and the Android SDK (free to use) you might learn a thing or two. It's no use being a fanboy over one team or another. And never underestimate the importance of software.

                  Here's an analogy;
                  Imagine one car was fast (say VW Golf GTi) and it had brand-new efficient racing tyres. And imagine it was racing against an even faster car (Ford Mustang GT) which had very-used and old street tyres that are cheap. Looking from far, it seems like the Mustang will win. But when it comes to the Lap Times, the VW is the clear winner because it can actually put more of its power to the bitumen. People were blind to see the tyre/software advantage.

                  This is like what it is to compare a fast (Apple A9) phone with efficient software (iOS/Optimised Apps).... to an even faster (QSD 845) phone with inefficient software (Android VM/Unoptimised Apps). And this scenario is the norm, not the exception. But as I said in my last comment, iOS and its Apps have gotten slightly less efficient over time, whereas AndroidVM and Apps have been steadily making improvements. The gap has decreased but its still a sizeable gap. Yet, comparing the best of Android devices (QSD 845) to the best of iOS Devices (Apple A12) is now akin to comparing the Ford Mustang GT to an Audi R8....its not only more efficient, now its faster too!

                  Yet, I will repeat myself: performance is important BUT it is not everything. More people prefer to buy a PS4 Pro instead of an Xbox One X, not because of the performance but because of the games. I myself enjoy emulators, so for me, the "slower" Android device is actually better. Comprende?

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                    • 04 Dec 2018

                    Kangal, 04 Dec 2018Specs don't make the experience. My sibling's iPhone 6S ... morehahahahahahahaha

                    yeah no. sorry. not even close. "native" support is not nearly enough to make games work better. get the apple out of your mouth.

                      Kiyasuriin, 03 Dec 2018I expected the phones to win as they have better and beefie... moreSpecs don't make the experience.

                      My sibling's iPhone 6S Plus arguably is wimpy compared to my mother's Note9.
                      Guess which one is the better "gaming" device?
                      It's the iPhone with its more native-software, optimised Apps, and better gamepad support (SteelSeries Nimbus with phone cradle).

                      Meanwhile the Note9 is nice, its definitely showing inefficiencies during gaming. And the lag it has for the controller (GameSir T1s) is a big turn off. Although I must say over the years iOS has barely kept this quality, where Android has steadily improved. I think next year when Android devices catch up closer to iPhone's performance things will be even better.

                      Nevertheless, both controllers (and Power brick) need to be put into a woman's handbag, or a men's backpack. Its not pocketable, and that's the biggest drawback. It's where the likes of the PS Vita and the New 3DS win, and where the likes of the GPD Win2 and the Nintendo Switch lose. Those small enough to go comfortably into a pocket have a huge advantage over those that need to be carried around in a bag (its like the difference of lugging around an iPad Mini vs a Gaming Laptop).

                      *PS, I'd love to see an iPhone 7 jailbroken and emulating the Nintendo Wii. Or the iPhone XS Max jailbroken and emulating the Nintendo Switch. But there's not much interest for emulation in the iOS camp.

                        Anonymous, 03 Dec 2018Why is it sad though? Shouldn't the better ecosystem win?I expected the phones to win as they have better and beefier specs.

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                          • 03 Dec 2018

                          The xperia play is great . The speaker is good and the control feel tactile for a such thin slider . The only downside is the chipset at that time wasnt fast enough .

                            I much prefer a successor to the PS Vita.

                            Battery life would be terrible if a Vita and Switch were also a phone. The Switch already has poor battery life as is. Xperia Play was a cool concept but would be hard to recreate right now considering battery life hasn't evolved as much as it should be the same rate GPUs have evolved. Not to mention the 2K displays on them.

                              AmyThePerson, 03 Dec 2018Honestly phones don't have good games IMO. iOS has a few I... moreGaming smartphones are just gimmicks, there's nothing special in them. The design, the faster refresh rate and RGB, these things aren't enough to make them gaming smartphones, even if those accessories for the ASUS ROG Phone are a nice touch. Some people who read my comment here will be like "Oh so you're saying that gaming laptops and desktops are just gimmicks, they have nothing special in them that makes it gaming". No, gaming laptops and desktops are more than just gimmicks, there's something that separates them from ordinary laptops and desktops. A whole different processor that's unlocked, having the ability to overclock, a way more powerful graphics card, faster storage, a WiFi chip that's meant for gaming giving lower ping as compared to even the best ordinary laptop, it's more than just gimmicks. What about gaming smartphones, then? Other than those things I've mentioned, it's just pretty much like every other high-end flagship. The lack of the 3.5mm headphone jack, same chipset (like I care if the ASUS ROG Phone's chipset is clocked a little higher, because performance bumps are minor), what else? Funny how gaming smartphones are released at the point of time when gaming laptops are heading towards subtle, kind-of-industrial design that's suited for both work and gaming. And also, smartphone games aren't well optimized on ANDROID, iOS is the way to go for games

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                                • 03 Dec 2018

                                Aniketsh, 03 Dec 2018its a good time for sony to focus on gaming smartphones and... moreGet ready for the vita 5g

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                                  • 03 Dec 2018

                                  Honestly phones don't have good games IMO.
                                  iOS has a few I like. thumper stardew (haven't layed it on iOS tho)
                                  and both platforms have minecraft and fortnite and pugb(I don't like either).

                                  but other than that. it's mostly just candycrush and other stuff. barely any really good games
                                  No breath of the wild. No splatoon
                                  no divinity or world of warcraft of overwatch.
                                  no witcher 3

                                  seriously I don't get the point of gaming phones, but i'm not the only human alive some might enjoy them. but like do you really need a special phone for them?
                                  the main problem with phone gaming IMO is the touch screen. you don't have shoulder buttons in a phone which is really a necessary thing. and dragging your fingers across the screen isn't always nice. sometimes your fingers or the device have friction. also your hands cover the display when you're using your phone like that.

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                                    • AnonD-731363
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                                    • 03 Dec 2018

                                    Well to be honest as long as phone is able run run any game smooth without lagg it can be considered as a gaming phone.
                                    Only problem is after a long usage lets say 3-4 hours battery and whole phone gets very hot.
                                    In some cases phone is so hot that its unable to hold him in bare hands.

                                      There were other gaming phones too, like the Nokia N78, Nokia N81, Sony Ericsson F500, Sony Ericsson F305, Sony Ericsson Yari and others.

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                                        • 03 Dec 2018

                                        Where is the Mate 20 X