Nokia 8.1 announced: X7 for the West

05 December 2018
HMD bills this as the successor to the Nokia 7 plus, despite having an 8-series name.

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  • emma rose

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2018After exchange and HDFC bank offer I was getting the G7 thi... moreapril

  • Exo

sar value Nokia 8.1 ?

  • Anonymous

Raj, 06 Dec 2018You can grab LG G7 at INR 29999 and there are some exchange... moreAfter exchange and HDFC bank offer I was getting the G7 thinq for as low as 23800 INR a great price for a premium flagship. Funny LG has no interest in promotimg the phone the cameras are great, the audio is great, the display is superb too on top of that it has IP and MIL STD rating too. If properly promoted by LG it could have been one of the best seller smartphone in India. It's better than OP6 and Zenfone 5z and the Poco F1 too.

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2018dood stick to nokia they are the best all rouind fones, wit... moreAll i have ever owned was Nokia (32 different Nokia's to be precise) because I love Nokia ...but since buying a Nokia 8, they still havent released a flagship that takes stunning photos. The Sirocco was tempting if only for the design but the camera also isnt great and unfortunately the phone itself is very hard to get hold of.

So I have eagerly been waiting for a Nokia 9 because I want a Nokia with an amazing cam. I currently still use my Lumia 950 as my secondary phone simply for the amazing camera aim was to buy the 9 as my primary and buy a 8.1 as secondary in order to replace both my Nokia 8 and Lumia 950.

The news yesterday that Nokia is planning on focusing on premium devices in 2019 with a probable January release for the Nokia 9 sounds hopeful and exciting but they should be atleast more specific about the 9; just like everyone knows when to estimate a new iPhone or Galaxy S ...but having us constantly guessing has become frustrating and I really do need to replace my Lumia 950 with a new device that has an amazing cam. If I end up buying a Pixel, for 800, then surely if out of the blue Nokia announces the 9 ..I will regret buying the pixel but I obviously wont buy the 9 because I cant just throw money like that. They really need to be organized and let us know something. If they say Jan/Feb release, I will already get the Nokia 8.1 for the time being and then get the 9 in Jan/Feb ...but if they dont give us more info, it will just continue to be a guessing game

  • Carol

Boeing 747-400, 06 Dec 2018As of now, Iam still using the Nokia 6 2017 and I gotta tel... moreWell, nokia 8 is a really great device. I own it, i can say only great stuff about this device. I do not care about mono stereo, i never listen to musik on phones, at least a huge clear sounding bluetooth speaker, the likes of jbl extreme or nothing. I cannot stand my music comming out of something that's so small, it just ain't right and ruins the experience...a lot.

magnaroader, 05 Dec 2018Wait what? This is a successor to the Nokia 7 Plus? What i... moreIn fact it was not an appropriate HMD decision.
It made more sense to launch the Nokia X7 as Nokia 7.1 Plus, since the processor is less than expected from an 8.x series device.

  • Anonymous

Browsing, 06 Dec 2018From Nokia 8, then 8 Sirocco, to 8.1? It is a downgrade is... moreWell bacause Nokia 9 is coming to the highend Nokia 8 has to drop one level down.
So now on
9 highend
8 lower highend
7 upper middle range
5-6 middle range
4 low middle range
2-3 low end

Too Many levels to my eyes, but that is why 8 has to come down one step.

Nachum37, 06 Dec 2018seems the nokia 8 is more powerful from 8.1... strange desicionIt is a successor of Nokia 7 Plus not of Nokia 8

The whole Nokia portfolio is becoming a mess with all these numbers as a consumer you would expect the .1 of a model to be the upgrade of previous model but seem not.

This seems to be another excellent offering from HMD. Don't buy the 8.1 if you want overpriced bling-bling design, but if you need a well built phone with clutter free software that's updated regularly and that will still work like new after 2 years the new Nokia's are good. Just wait a few months for the launch price to drop.

  • Xen

What happened to the design engr of Nokias. Ew.

  • Nachum37

seems the nokia 8 is more powerful from 8.1... strange desicion

  • Boeing 747-400

Carol, 06 Dec 2018The obly one that claim is the same device, are GSMarena. J... moreAs of now, Iam still using the Nokia 6 2017 and I gotta tell you, no lies here, it's way much better than those so-called notch Nokia phones out here. Only thing that HMD is lacking is stereo speakers. I almost bought the Nokia 8, but because of mono speaker, meh!!!!

  • Carol

Tom, 06 Dec 2018This is X7 with twice the price, WTF Nokia??? Rename a phon... moreThe obly one that claim is the same device, are GSMarena. Just because has the same cpu and a notch does not mean is the same device. Take a better look throughout the specs and what nokia claims about this device. Stop winning, would be the second what i would like to say.

  • Jake

Another overpriced peace of junk to fool some with the Nokia brand name... with a fake camera included, mid-range SoC with the old flagship number.1 to make you bite the hook and the eternal cloned design now aged. Oh and they forgot the FM radio, but is understable, at the end it's the chinese X7 tweaked with NFC but without 6Gb/128Gb version. Well, all of them are chinese with the smoke wall of a brand repurchased by third parties.

  • Tom

This is X7 with twice the price, WTF Nokia??? Rename a phone doesn't mean you could double its price

Another overpriced scrap.... Hell Nokia... U r not learning anything from Ur mistakes...

  • Anonymous

DreamzSolution, 06 Dec 2018What a dumb missed opportunity to surprise everyone with th... moredood stick to nokia they are the best all rouind fones, with the best connectivity quality reliable as fukk unlike iphones calls disconnect n cant browse d web 100% of d time coz shtt receptionz

  • Anonymous

me, 06 Dec 2018not everyone need high end phone. i have my predator with m... moreyeah man console or pc games are like movie quality shtts on mobile games

  • Raj S

Why the heck nokia is confusing customers.. same phone x7 and nokia 8.1 but with huge price difference. R u serious Nokia? U really wanna reborn or again u want to go to hell? Your Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 is discontinued in India from your official website. You r launching outdated nokia 7.1 with the price tag of your latest x7. What the hell your thinking Indian customers?