Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G variant to come with Snapdragon 855

06 December 2018
The phone appeared during the China Mobile Partner Conference with a Snapdragon X50 modem.

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The top utilities bar needs padded in a tad bit more, possibly around 2 pixels so its not cut off around the top, Hopefully its an option.

Ok.I just waited for SD855 on the MIX series.now i'll buy it

  • Anonymous

stanley77, 06 Dec 2018why why why???!!! aaaaaargh!!! xiaomi why fingerprint again... moreFingerprint sensors on the back of the phone are faster and more accurate, this has been proven

  • Anonymous

So i guess i'll have to wait for the mix 4 to get native uSd card support

why why why???!!! aaaaaargh!!! xiaomi why fingerprint again on damned back!!!!!! why not at least by that newer model already built in display??? and of course batterry at least 4000mAh!

  • Modest Mind

The slide mechanism is bad and the battery is rather moderate. I used to have Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2s and I was hopping for Mix 3 with at least 4000 mAH battery and Amoled screen. Oh well I have to wait for Mix 4 then.

Kind of suspected that, so if this holds up then I'm glad I'm still waiting for European release. But it's so hard to be patient :|