Samsung SCH-W999 is a 2xCore, 2xSIM, 2xScreen droid

05 December, 2011
Samsung has unveiled the SCH-W999 - a dual-core, dual-SIM, dual-screen Android smartphone.

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  • Cheese

MrBob, 29 Feb 2012I wish Samsung would release this (or even the W899) in the UK f... moreI know right. Is there a place where i can order it online and get it shipped to UK? Unlocked so i can put my sim card in?

Messege me at:

Thanks :)

  • quru

i love this one type of cell phone & i want to purchase ! how can i purchase it ???

  • Eojeda

This device is very nice check youtube reviews.
CRAZY This week on ebay .... US 3500 !!! VERY EXPENSIVE Plop!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-12077

Here is the Samsung SCH-W999 full review:­view.html

  • Anonymous

I want one! North America version please!!!!

  • MrBob

I wish Samsung would release this (or even the W899) in the UK for those of us who don't like all the iClones which dominate the market place here.

  • cuenik

toooooo expenvive

  • AnonD-10571

Love it!!! Just hope that Samsung will sell it in a cheaper price, or it should be 'Life Proof' so to speak. ^_^

  • Praveen Dalmia

arrange demo

  • Rajbir

Samsung, you have a winner with this handset only if you make sure to launch it with latest specs and "right price" in Indian market. You can expect awesome returns.
Load it with super AMOLED/ Gorilla glass, latest Android OS, Dual Core processor, 1GB RAM min. and with 16GB/ 32GB models and Card slot and have a champ. Look forward to this phone (and expect it to be solid built like the iPhone 4)

  • bviod

Nice phones

  • Anonymous

i got a great idea, and maybe i'm just spitballin' here but...
how about releasing a gsm/global 3g version of this phone!!!
this is the type of phone that should be released to the world.
right now all the dual sim cellphones that r available
in my opinion, the best one yet is still the samsung b5702, and thats an old fashion quad band push phone.
how sad is that.

  • Solun

I would absolutely buy this for half of the price. I love this kind of phone.

  • zing!

it's funny when people talk about apple as if it was somekind of father figure.
get real you kids.
you need to buy your apple phones, is not like your getting paid to say good things about it.
having an apple does not make you guys special and unique. just means that you bought something with an apple logo on it...dahhh

  • syamsul

This very awesome..!

What about price range..?

  • AnonD-6938

I'd rather buy 2 separate phones.. or maybe buy 2 Samsung Galaxy W (specs are almost the same, and save A LOT of money)

  • AnonD-14994

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2011and perhaps you should stop trolling. maybe you should... =)

  • AnonD-14994

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2011except all apple designs are boring and apple copied lg and sams... morereally? samsung fanboy... =) ewwww!

  • AnonD-615

Looks odd! not sure anyone will prefer this.

  • Anonymous

$1k? are we talking about US dollars? WTF!