Samsung SCH-W999 is a 2xCore, 2xSIM, 2xScreen droid

05 December, 2011
Samsung has unveiled the SCH-W999 - a dual-core, dual-SIM, dual-screen Android smartphone.

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  • Anonymous

Please, Samsung put this phone available on EU, I just fall in love

  • ikkie

For a phone of this spec and price, what is it doing with a 5mp camera?

  • miaw miaw

All this time, I've been waiting for a clamshell smartphone. I hope it will be released in my country.

  • AnonD-32994

What kind of usage would you give to the dual screen if you only can seen one at the time... If the screen could rotate they could have another things to the phone..

  • czat

the design probably is because chinese can't get rid of their love on clamshell phones. So samsung instead developed one for them.

  • dredd

it would be the best phone so far. dual screen at 3.5 inches. hopefully available throughout the world. hoping on that.

  • AnonD-11337

Impressive but Price Tag: Too High

  • Dicekei