HTC Desire 12s debuts with 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 435

17 December 2018
It's already available for purchase in Taiwan.

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  • falcon

does anybody Buy HTC phones any more..

  • Anonymous

The camera module looks like it doesn't know where it wants to be.


QCOM, 17 Dec 2018Seriously? 435? I have a smartphone with those shitty chips... moreRip. I send you my condolences. I'm rocking a 625 over here.

Yuck what a terrible deal.

  • Anonymous

Expensive for spec. Trying to be Samsung or something?

  • Anonymous

That off centered camera unit...yuck!

  • Anon

Desire 12 and 12+ earlier this year were much better looking than this sh..

Only Desired by people in HTC's lab.

  • cog

What a fail specs big disappointment

Seriously? 435? I have a smartphone with those shitty chipset and laggy as hell.

  • K

what an eye sore

  • Anonymous

I'll consider them successful if they manage to sell even a single unit of this crap.

  • fonman


For that price, u can get either Honor 8x or Huawei Y9. Way better specs than this.

  • Muthu

Htc should not have used the an cutting edge SoC like SD 435. They should have waited another 2 years to do that. For now, SD 400 would have been good enough.

  • mike

htc moving back to ape age