Lenovo Z5s arrives with three cameras, Snapdragon 710

18 December 2018
The phone was introduced today at a launch in China.

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Troll device maker company first z5 without notch then z5s hole screen

  • Unknown

When In India ?

  • Anonymous

And what about the Z5 pro GT with 12GB of RAM? That's the absurd one!

  • Anonymous

Lenovo lies a lot omg, is this not the phone that was expected to have screen-hole?

Great price, but I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks more for a usable tertiary camera (most preferably an ultra wide angle one, but monochrome sensor/ToF camera for enhancements in low light images will also do).
And $50 more to get that new 48MP Sony IMX607 as the main sensor for better pure image quality, and of course a good software algorithm to process the images as well.

  • Hoffmann

I think, this P20 Pro has autism.

  • LLL

Outside China?

OMFG!!! Lenovo seriously killed it with the price here!!

  • Navin

Its absolute stunner with this price, if basic model launched in India with price similar to China then it will b beyond competition.