HTC will focus on flagships and mid-rangers in 2019

18 December 2018
Expect to see more of the U12 series next year. However, HTC's idea of a mid-ranger apparently includes S435-powered phones.

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the strategy is simple, focus battery and cheap (effeciency and big capacity). i left HTC 10 4 month ago, because asus zenfone max pro m1 is better than htc 10.
IDR 2 million (asus) vs(HTC 10) IDR 5 million. and i want to comeback to HTC if HTC have a bigger battery min. 4000 mAH. performance, sound quality, camera was great. just battery and overheat.

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    • AnonD-819322
    • 3aW
    • 24 Dec 2018

    How HTC can improve:
    - Make more budget phones at decent prices e.g. Nokia 3.1,6.1, 3.1 Plus, 5.1, 2.1 etc.
    - Lower prices frequently for flagships and mid-rangers and upper-tier mid-rangers
    - They need to understand that if a product ain't selling, lowering the prices is the best option.

    By the way GSMArena and HTC call the Desire 12s, many disagree, I don't.
    In my opinion the Snapdragon 2xx is Entry-Level, the 4xx series is lower mid-range, 6xx - mid-range, the 7xx - upper mid-range and the 8xx is obviously flagship.

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      • pB%
      • 23 Dec 2018

      They need better marketing. That's for sure.
      The UI needs a revamp. The same general feel, but with updated design, more consistent color scheme, etc.
      The massive amount of Google apps need to go straight out the door.
      And the camera needs a MP boost.

      They have the hardware. But hardware can't sell itself without good marketing.
      Even the mid rangers, like the U11 Life, are so well built you could mistake them for a smaller version of a flagships.

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        • kyokukei
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        • 21 Dec 2018

        HTC is following Huawei strategy.

        Hope HTC manufacture much better phones than other makers

          Anonymous, 20 Dec 2018Actually you're lucky. My U11 is stuck on Android 7.1 and ... moreDid you tried to factory reset first?

          if you live in europe you have 2 years warranty. Use it.

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            • tks77
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            • 20 Dec 2018

            a Snapdragon 435 chipset “mid range”? WTF? Are you serious HTC ?

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              • 7Xt
              • 20 Dec 2018

              Just get absorbed by Google.

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                • AnonD-804996
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                • 20 Dec 2018

                Had HTC Wildfire. And that was their last phone I owned. For some reason their devices are too expensive and don't seem to stand out by anything really. When you have such situation, low price is what gets ppl's attention. Maybe that's why no one seems to care about HTC lol

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                  • akI
                  • 20 Dec 2018

                  acemang, 19 Dec 2018 HTC, what's the point of releasing flagships if you don't ... moreActually you're lucky. My U11 is stuck on Android 7.1 and security patch October 2017.
                  It prompts me to update then it bricks at the 24% mark and sends me back to square one.
                  This corrupt company has no business to continue do business. The unsuspecting public should be protected from this company's phony phones.

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                    • IbE
                    • 20 Dec 2018

                    Just sell or close this awfully run company. No one is going to purchase your flagship with zero software support or repair center.

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                      • Jimbob
                      • gKH
                      • 19 Dec 2018

                      HTC will be dead in 2019...

                        AnonD-820341, 19 Dec 2018Agree 100% HTC phones are to expensive for what you get, ... moredesagree 100%.
                        what are not flagship material? and are overpriced? 1500 euros is overpriced 700euros for premium finished device with top dac with good earphones inside the box and pretty much one of the best cameras around on a smartphone..I really dont know what your talking about. OLED vs LCD? i still preffer LCD, it ages 100x better. OLED looks good in first year...thats it.
                        If you look an htc device with 5 years it looks still new...a samsung looks like crap...other brans even worst...In android world htc don't have competition in quality. My htc u11 never saw a screen protector. 1 year later..get what..still wihtout a stracht. My college with a xiaomi tried to do the same...3 month later...a scratch.
                        If htc had better software upgrades i would continue with htc, but they don't have i will change brand..and only for that, not because of the hardware. right know i will only consider pixel or apple (even if i dislike iOS) they are only ones that still makes small devices with premium hardware (pixel 3 and iphone xs).
                        I miss my htc 10 u11 is too large for my taste, i will not make the same mistake 2x.

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                          • YQZ
                          • 19 Dec 2018

                          abitSad, 19 Dec 2018LG mobile division suffer the same problem.. but htc situat... moreI would still buy htc phones if they haven't removed 3.5 Jack.... Seriously....i don't have problem buying a less popular mobile if it has good hw... But asas i decided to buy next htc coincidentally since then they started to remove the jack.... And i don't see them coming back soon.....

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                            • Jerry101923
                            • K@2
                            • 19 Dec 2018

                            Well... to be a mid-range, at least S6XX series have to be equipped. S4XX is for lower level (sometimes entry-level) phones (not low-end though)

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                              • mJs
                              • 19 Dec 2018

                              HTC, make your phones 1/3 cheaper and I may buy one. I been an HTC fan from the begining, but after the HTC One there came nothing interesting...oh well, the butterfly that never been released over here (eu)...dig your own grave htc, keep digging. Or do finally listen to customers.

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                                • 0p}
                                • 19 Dec 2018

                                Anonymous, 19 Dec 2018wrong. iphone is first priority. Sharp is second priority... morestatistika show xperia xz1 in top 5 (the only android in the list) best selling smartphone in japan.
                                btw hopefully htc is back but need to fix the price, why most of us knew this and htc team dont? lets help

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                                  • AnonD-820341
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                                  • 19 Dec 2018

                                  abitSad, 19 Dec 2018LG mobile division suffer the same problem.. but htc situat... moreAgree 100%
                                  HTC phones are to expensive for what you get, only the biggest brands can take out extreme prices not HTC or LG. HTC are bad at updating their phones. Lower the prices and put in a big battery.

                                    HTC, what's the point of releasing flagships if you don't support them?
                                    My Htc u11 is still on Android 8.0 with 2 updates this year. Really? Just give up please.
                                    Fooled once shame on you, Fooled twice shame on me.

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                                      • 19 Dec 2018

                                      Anonymous, 18 Dec 2018Sony and Sharp battle for the #2 in Japan, Apple is #1. S... morewrong.
                                      iphone is first priority.
                                      Sharp is second priority.
                                      samsung is lesser priority for most japanese.
                                      and most japanese avoid xperia.

                                      samsung sold more phones compared to sony in japan

                                        Quite ridiculous of HTC. No wonder they're not doing good business.