Samsung Galaxy M20 to carry a 5,000 mAh battery, launch markets revealed

18 December 2018
As well as Exynos 7885 chipset.

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  • Zahir

Where are super amoled and gorilla glass display on Samsung Galaxy M20 that is made in India

  • Anonymous

Is there Samsung Galaxy M20 mobile is warm/hot during charging?

  • Anonymous

Can't wait to get it...oh that's we are force to get the expensive Galaxy with those specs😫

  • Anonymous

Peteraven, 21 Dec 2018Is it me that i'm seeing wrong or the volume buttons are on the ... moreThat's for bixby

  • Anonymous

If they are switching out the AMOLED for LCD then there is no need for a price premium (even though AMOLED costs them nothing nowadays).

Is it me that i'm seeing wrong or the volume buttons are on the right side of the phone (screen forward) to the person? For the 1st time , samsung is going to launch a mobile with volume buttons on the correct side of the phone?

  • Goodfellow

Please include super amoled display and at least 6 and 8 gb ram option and a separate expandable micro sd card slot. Everything else is cool.

JOHN, 19 Dec 2018for you and some people is not a good idea, i respect that, ques... moreYes if there is 1 hole that's fine but dual holes like what we see the rumors of s10+ then noo ! That's soo bad and ugly too, in addition teardrop notch isn't bad and i can accept it ! Looks much better than dual holes

  • qC3.0

5000 mah battery better have quickcharge 3.0 18W, else will take looong time to charge.
am using a 4100 mah phone without any fast charge or quick charge.....absolutely hating the wait during charging

  • z

at least it won't bent

Kiyasuriin, 19 Dec 2018I agree. (there's that need to perfect bezels all around. all eq... moreAgreed, but this phone will probably be mad cheap though

Chee Khuan, 19 Dec 2018No, unless they go to make a new chip.Damn

Avicenna., 18 Dec 2018Isn't that the reason why they're called SoC and not CPU and GPU... moreAh, true

James Whister, 19 Dec 2018Dont know about other things, but that chin is definitely copied... moreIsn't that a good thing though

  • Anonymous

ThatÂ’s battery will damage your brain cells .

  • hamos_wks

5000mAh will it going to burn in this model? The blast will be more greater than previous explosion!

SquadBoi, 19 Dec 2018Wake up dude. It's not coming at $400 outside of China. We've se... moreI dont think so.
And to be clear when Samsung released A6 and A8 in january of 2018 the phones had 450 and 550 euros price A8 more powerfull variant costed 650 brand new.
In other words maybe it wont be 400 but it will be cheaper than any Samsung flagship and it will be cheaper than a Samsung midranger if we compare initial costs.

  • Anonymous

Slightly too big for my taste.  I hope there will perhaps be an M10, slightly smaller and cheaper.

SquadBoi, 19 Dec 2018There can't be a fix bro, unless they pay all moviemakers to mak... moreCould they not have that portion of screen go black? Isn't it how they hide the notch when doing the same task?
The SAMOLED screens are pretty good with the black pixels, almost 100% black.

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2018I agree with you they have to make pockets biggerAlso people have to grow bigger hands and fingers is just annoying don't be able to keyboard with one hand when walking for example.