Xiaomi's first Android Go Edition smartphone gets certified

18 December 2018
The Xiaomi Redmi Go will offer entry-level specs at entry-level price.

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  • 19 Dec 2018

android GO are meant for children, why put bigger screen? don't believe me, just go install GO based app on playstore

    At first I thought these AndroidGO devices were a neat idea, now I think its rather silly.
    Within the same price bracket, there are phones with better specs running full Android. Even if its a "crappy" MediaTek SoC and a bloated SkinnedOS by the OEM, there's little room to complain at such a bargain-basement price level.

    And for a little bit more money, there's the Xiaomi Mi A2, which is MUCH better. You can go even further to quasi-flagship in the form of LG G71, and get AndroidOne, IP68, and a decently fast QSD 835 chipset.

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      • 19 Dec 2018

      Why not rebrand Redmi 6, 6A to Android Go phones like they did with Mi6X make it the Mi A2 with Android One?!

      it will be easier and dont overfloat more theyr catalog of phones, since all can do the same i think make the Redmi 6 or 6A to Android Go is a must better decision right now...