What were the best-looking phones of 2018?

01 January 2019
Our editors look back at a year of lookers!

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  • 09 Mar 2019

I think Poco F1 looks best

    Joe Dickson, 02 Jan 2019More like funniest name of the year.I mean, you can't spell nutrition without nut, amirite?

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      • xhm
      • 03 Jan 2019

      I agree with some editors here the number one most beautiful phone is Nubia X look at this beauty, just admire the beautiful display surface it is like infinity. Then followed by the best design number two is Meizu 16/Meizu 16 Pro. Apple loose, sorry Apple you are a bad designer. Bye bye Apple your reign is over.

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        • AnonD-558092
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        • 02 Jan 2019

        SpiritWolf, 02 Jan 2019You never been 'pro' (biased too much and questionable tech... moreYou remember poorly. I got the Note9.

        And say what you want. I'm no biased troll that just bashes without a reason. I always say what makes me say that. I'm not just saying "Do not like", or "This is a bad decision", no, I always expand on my opinion. And how is my tech knowledge "questionable"?

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          • 02 Jan 2019

          Fragrown, 02 Jan 2019Meizu 16 win normal phone designWhy did GsmArena post mid high Meizu phone? Not the flagship one. I think GsmArena dont know the difference between Meizu 16 and 16th.. Lol.. They should post the "glass" of Meizu 16th.. Not ugly black dove Meizu 16.

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            • 02 Jan 2019


              AnonD-558092, 02 Jan 2019Because I'm going to harmonize my nicknames from multiple p... moreYou never been 'pro' (biased too much and questionable tech knowledge), so it's ok to change your nick. And everywhere i go you are praising Note9. Why the hell don't you buy it then? (As much as i remember, you are rocking laughable S7.)

              In topic: XZ3, followed closely by Find X.

                I know it's a quiet time of year, but this is realy scraping the bottom of the barrel for a long article, spot the differences between a few slightly different coloured flat slabs with a glass front and a coloured back, some with a few curves or rounded corners, cor, vital reading.. How about an article on something slightly more important, like how we are finaly seeing mid-spec, mid-price, you know, the ones that the vast majority of people buy and use, have suddenly improved now that the Chinese are forcing others like that Korean mafia firm Samsung etc to up their game, yeah, flagships can be nice and some even good, but most folk don't buy them, so why such a high majority of tech blogs spend so much time on them still amazes me..

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                  • AnonD-558092
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                  • 02 Jan 2019

                  Anonymous, 02 Jan 2019So new year, new nickname?You can say that. If there's no new improvement in the mobile scene, there was at least one change.

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                    • 02 Jan 2019

                    i do think that huawei/honor designed the most beautiful phones this year.

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                      • Fragrown
                      • tDQ
                      • 02 Jan 2019

                      Meizu 16 win normal phone design

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                        • rxh
                        • 02 Jan 2019

                        Mi Mix 3

                          1. It's still Huawei Mate 10(that mocha brown i love it) but unfortunately it's 2017. So I choose Mate 20 Pro(Because behind it is very cool with 3 cameras and leds made in 1 square And also jagged).
                          2. Find X
                          3. Z5s
                          4. Nubia X

                            yeah Oppo Find X has the best design for me, the back is very unique and trademark.

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                              • AnonD-628531
                              • nGA
                              • 02 Jan 2019

                              1. Oppo Find X
                              2. ZTE Nubia X
                              3. Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition

                                Magic 2/ Mi Mix 3
                                P20 Pro
                                Mate 20
                                Find X
                                Nubia X
                                Are imo the most beautiful phones of the year

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                                  • JaK
                                  • 02 Jan 2019

                                  Basically Huawei designed the best phones this year and this is set to continue for next year

                                    AnonD-558092, 02 Jan 2019Because I'm going to harmonize my nicknames from multiple p... moreOh I see

                                      Definitely Oppo Find X, looks the most alien / futuristic among them all. Next in line would be gaming phones, everything else, even if polished is too ordinary.

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                                        • 02 Jan 2019

                                        Jack Frost, 02 Jan 2019For me, it's the Smartisan Nut Pro 2S. The most beautiful p... more„Hey m8 wut phone hav u got there?“
                                        „It‘s the Smartisan Nut“
                                        „Lel wtf, sounds like you still live with Ur mom haha“