OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 5G leaks for the first time, take a look

19 December 2018
It's an image from an internal company meeting that will surely get someone fired.

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Kangal, 20 Dec 2018The back looks like a Microsoft 1020 (Lumia-Nokia). You see... moreDefinitely yes.

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    • 20 Dec 2018

    Anonymous, 20 Dec 2018I like the fact that they also use an Apple notebook and a ... moreThey are using SONY TV too. Checkout the TV on the left as well as the remote control on the table.

      The back looks like a Microsoft 1020 (Lumia-Nokia). You see it too, right?

        OP dont have TV and Laptop on there brand. So the using Samsung and Apple.

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          • mark
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          • 20 Dec 2018

          amazing they use an apple macbook :)

            Hmmm I see the disgusting design is a throwback to the Lumia days...

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              • jnM
              • 20 Dec 2018

              I like the fact that they also use an Apple notebook and a Samsung TV set. Come on people. At least you could hide the products. I wonder if One+ people themselves use as their daily driver their very own product.

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                • karoko
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                • 20 Dec 2018

                This is a copy-cat to Motorola's design.

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                  • 20 Dec 2018

                  So, 5G still immature and need alot more complicated components just for antenna?

                  Please don't reduce battery space just for this, better wait for compact antennas while waiting infrastructure / carrier fully ready

                    please don't rid the 3.5mm Jack again

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                      • 20 Dec 2018

                      So yeah, buy a phone with half the 5G standard.

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                        • 20 Dec 2018

                        5G phone = a phone with a lot of antenna