Moto G7 lineup revealed in press renders leak

20 December 2018
Motorola should be announcing these phones very soon.

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They're going to release a notched phone in the era where bezel less designs are already possible?

  • gugnastyle

wait, april to december is 8 months...a pbhone with 8 months is way too new to have a replacement, i mean Lenovo are crazy when decide this, they should wait i mean, the best time frame to launch a phone from this range is july/august since that time people want a new phone to showoff in the summer vacations.

Motorola is good, quickly release of the G series will destroy the brand for good.

North America again getting a gimped version of the Moto phone

  • JohnDPH66

I would rather have a fingerprint sensor on all of them in the same layout. despite the fact of them all being for different markets and/or pricetags let's not forget they're all part of the same family/generation and we already have a distinct attribute in regards of looks (because of the different notches) that might give you a clue about the phone's price range let's not have the other 2 "fingerprint-less". they are economic but I cannot consider them entry level phones because they've reached the medium class price (and that a lot to say about the cheapest one for these series). Sure it's not b*tching about getting a better deal with Xiaomi or another brand alike, it's just unfair to cut such important features these days like the fingerprint sensor, and of course I'm glad the have reached such bezel screen.

  • Anonymous

"With black bezels"

Oh I hate this.