Weekly poll: Honor View 20, hot or not?

30 December 2018
Are a 6.4-inch LCD with a punch hole 25MP camera, 48MP main camera, 8GB of RAM, Kirin 980 hot?

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  • Kingsman

Nzi97, 30 Dec 2018I thought I'm the only one bothered by the back design, not... moreI'm thinking to buy this due to its specs but since they release the actual unit and saw the design.... Ugh! Why do they have to make the camera look like this? it's ugly asf. why honor! the only cool stuff here would be the glass design but the camera module is turning me off.

  • Mikey

Vegetaholic, 01 Jan 2019No amoled and shady Huawei business it is no for this phone.I used to think that way.

But quite honestly I had to change my views after spending some serious time with a few Huawei phones. In particular the Honor 7x / Mate SE stood out to me. Roughly a $200 phone vs my personal S8 Active should have been a no-brainer, but it wasn't. The screen isn't as good when side by side, but it's more than sufficient. The loss of outright speed is only noticeable when you have them side by side, doing the same thing. The camera is right there in the hands of an incompetent photographer like me too. There were only 3 things that made me stick with the S8 Active in the end though. Water resistance, impact resistance and wireless charging. And when you factor the sheer price difference between them, I'd say the 7x / Mate SE is the better phone.

I also used to believe the whole "Huawei is spying on us" theory. However after seeing several of their phones go thru our battery of data traffic tests at work, I was shocked to see they were actually sending out slightly less data than a Pixel 2. No admittedly our tests are designed not to worry about what is being sent, but how much... so that's not 100% definitive. But still, I was expecting to see the same results we saw with BLU or a few of the lesser Chinese phones.

As for Huawei and ZTE selling telecom hardware to countries like Iran... I don't have any issues with that. For starters why does the US have any say in what a foreign country sells to another? And given the political situation in countries like Iran, where the general public is kept in the dark about the rest of the world, I'd rather see folks have the same opportunities to get the facts and make their own choices about the world... than what they have shoved down their throats by their governments. Sure some things the rest of the world does isn't always perfect, let people see the good too. It isn't as bad as they think.

  • Anonymous

I really hate when (primarily) US based review sites talking why not AMOLED....

Not all people want AMOLED. After owning Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Samsung C9Pro, I prefer LCD now. The reason is, Burn-in. AMOLED phone only good for 9-12 months.

I avoid AMOLED at all cost.

No amoled and shady Huawei business it is no for this phone.

  • zinko

The only word that pops into my mind is "proprietary".
The manufacturer will grab you by the nuts regarding updates and 3rd party development/support will be a nightmare.
Good luck to all the guinea pigs out there.

  • Anonymous

I prefer my fingerprint scanners on the back. I also will never have another OLED display. They are great for the battery but look like junk. LCD for life!

  • RONN89

Being an honor view 10 owner...i can definately say that the view 20 if hot as fck...!!!!!!!

Nicolas F, 30 Dec 2018What are you talking about? I said "TOF camera" (it's left ... moreI see, but thats even more reason why its hot, it can do more with just sw upgrade(even if its 0.1% chance). Still, if it came with 10 more features not put right away to use or just for the sake of testing, for that price its a wonder how are you unsatisfied...

  • Omid 12 Omidvar

Without prejudice biases speaking ,this view by adding radio FM recording rds is one of the best of 2018 and maybe 2019 !!I add that it is one head upper the Note 9 and S9 + of Samsung.But mentioned phones by adding hybrids and lack of infrared have ruined smartphone qualities and implicitly omit radio + auxiliaries !!Dearest knowledge best quality choosers ! Please do not accept incomplete smartphones which becomes habits to downloading omitting qualities...plus paying almost $ 7000 in X place somewhere worldwide....Of course here subject is not like of dislike a smartphone but the best superior qualities after gsmArena review.Thanks mentioned names plus fact releasing gsmArena....

  • Love the Community

I voted it as hot. Your comments about answering "not" won't matter.

  • Chrsjns

Is there facial unlocking?

Mans Not Hot !!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2018They're release way too many different models, it will be t... moreOf course you are right

Huawei/Honor will not slow down in 2019....if global version keep this price phone will be hot in Europe.

  • Anonymous

They're release way too many different models, it will be their downfall soon enough. Just like HTC. They're better of with a couple low, mid and high end phones . Otherwise it'll just confuse people and they'll buy a nid range thinking it'll compete with an iPhone or Samsung, or Pixel and they'll never buy na Huawei again 😂

Nzi97, 30 Dec 2018I thought I'm the only one bothered by the back design, not... moreThat is one ugly back in my opinion, you're not alone ;)

Eh, too generic for me. I'll pass.

Huawei backdoors are cool though, if you want easy access to your files, or anyone else's.

lcd? pass!

  • John

alterbridg3, 30 Dec 2018I was considering buying this phone when specs came out, bu... moreugly back design? ? lmao.. this is the best back design ever in a smartphone and I'm considering buying this only because of this back design even though i hate Chinese phones