Sony Xperia XZ4 with Snapdragon 855 tops AnTuTu with 395K score

02 January 2019
The Xperia XZ4 will constitute a big jump in performance over the XZ3.

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Mr. Fluxy, 11 Jan 2019Well I am not a troll at all, I am sharing my experience, l... moreI have been a sony use for years now I have had everything sony. Phones. Tvs headfones and I am rather satified wit it cant complain to much. I have had one or too which were faulty but I am satified wit sony and will stick to sucks and most.of the other do too including iphone .sony meets my need?

Beast of a device!

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2019If you turn on the gpu turbo , mate can score 310k. The re... moreThere's no option to turn on GPU turbo. Just a performance mode(aka cheats they used just for benchmarking).

Mr. Fluxy, 11 Jan 2019Well I am not a troll at all, I am sharing my experience, l... moreYes U and M you heard well. Battery ok, screen ok, speakers ok, some apps ok. Sony are working great with proper settings. Others just crap!
About Samsung from 20 years using this trademark in video players, cassette players and CD players, only crash and burned, obsolete devices. No way to hear anymore about this Korean crap!
Sony have issue but no way to compare it with Shamesung.

Syuser, 10 Jan 2019Troll fan here call 911. I also have an U and M still worki... moreWell I am not a troll at all, I am sharing my experience, like I said I had issues with every Sony product, not just the phones me and my wife have or had. And is very hard to believe anybody saying they have no issues when we owned at least 7 different Sony phones and at the end every one of them had something.

I like the brand, yes for sure, but I am not blinded like you to say the only way is Sony and like those products don`t have any faults. I don`t like Samsung phones either but only because of it`s UI their display tech is very good. I have Samsung monitors, tvs, SSDs and I am satisfied with them, not meaning that those are free from issues. The smart tv UI is shit, and it`s laggy.

Come on man U and M, I bet they are working at full performance with 1GB of ram and 4gb of internal storage because it has to use every resource it has to open an app. And guess the full performace means that you never ever noticed hickupps, lags, overheating... If you deny it then I think it is just ignorance from your part.

I understand that everybody prefers a brand, but that doesn`t mean that you have to overlook the flaws and pretend that it is perfect.

Mr. Fluxy, 09 Jan 2019I was a long time SonyEricsson and Sony user, I like the br... moreTroll fan here call 911. I also have an U and M still working and being able to be used at max performance. Yes no new Google compatibility with latest apps, but all my backup-ed apps from that time are working sooo good! Do that with a Sam while it's motherboard burned, battery leaked, camera freezed, etc, etc. No way but Sony!

I was a long time SonyEricsson and Sony user, I like the brand and I use multiple items they offer like car CD-players, wireless HIFI headphones, PS4 and other stuff too. But I am not brainwashed and I will choose every time what seems to be the best for me.

Last phone I bought was an LG V30 what offers everything I need, 3.5 jack with DAC included! Even tho I own a HIres wireless headphone and my phone supports aptx HD, I can say there is clearly a difference between the quality when used wireless, and wired. Not to mention when the Quad DAC is turned on.

You can argue here that not everybody has sensitive ears and\or not care, true. But the difference is still there, and don`t be ignorant and think that because you can`t notice a difference then nobody else can.

With everything I own from Sony I had smaller or bigger issues. I saw some comments that Sony phones work flawlessly after 5-6 years, you nuts? Maybe if you rooted and modded them, else like zero chance and you are just a blind fanboy.
My 6 year old Xperia SP even with like 5 apps installed on it was a nightmare, same with Xperia Arc S. I had to control myself a million times not to smash them to the wall or ground. I was less succesfull in this regard with my Z3c, wich I loved despite it`s issues. Guys take notes, never rush a decision while being drunk...

What Sony done well was their compact segment, but that still had issues with overheating and memory\storage. My Z3c touchscreen cracked from the heat produced by the phone on a summer, and I don`t live in the desert...

Sony played and still plays catchup to the other brands in mobile industry, and as said by many here they offer less for the same value. What is awefull is that they under dimension their memory and storage, when everybody started offering 64gb ROM and 4gb RAM they offered only 32/3 and was even worse before with older models.

Also they do this with camera tech, they consider EIS superior to OIS and also considered that one camera is enough, but see how miserably they failed eg. see how usefull an ultra wide secondary camera is. Not to mention they produce the best sensors, but never include the last model on their flagships, only selling to other brands. Say what?

And as for the removal of the 3.5 jack. Can`t you see what is happening? Every brand what removed them want to push the sales of their wireless heaphone segment. See Apple with the airpads, Sony with the awesome noice-cancelling tech they offer, even Oneplus with those new wireless bullet headphones. It is a marketing decision, it has nothing to do with the technological evolution or needing the space for smth else and the presence of the under display FG reader. Sadly the chinese brands started to copy it, so it became a trend... Unfortunately I don`t see Sony bringing it back either, but if I am wrong that is only good for us customers.

This XZ4 would be awesome with 3.5 jack and smaller screen, like this it`s more like a remote or a Galaxy Note.

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2019Good devices are useless without good marketing strategyI change to use Xperia Z2, I don't follow that's marketing trends and not brainwash by advertising from those competitors especially Samsung that time. It serves me more 4 years and I drop it deeply many times and still fine and stable. About the camera I use manuals for indoors set the ISO at 200 and increase some brightness or EV+- and the results looks nice and attractive. The audio is superb! The Web browser Sleipnir open page less than 1 seconds. I am appreciate the Sony quality.

Peteraven, 07 Jan 2019Lol, I don't know what to these people see in chinese phone... moreLol, they are cheap, but the MIUI and EMUI are beyond terrible that it's almost never a good deal

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Spectacular performance SONY!

Marko97sx, 06 Jan 2019IKR lolLol, I don't know what to these people see in chinese phones Huawei , Xiaomi etc. They don't offer Water proof certification, they put the fingerprint locker on the most abnormal side for a fingerprint (on the back) , for me a fingerprint is on the side or front. And they don't offer Battery endurance compared to others (maybe Xiaomi) on this case. So what people see in a chinese phone these day's ? Ohhhh low price (but crap specs for it) , if they won't a good phone even chinese they have to pay top bills. bahhhh enough said.

Anyways. XZ4 Compact sortof official is out:

Seems at least side fp and 3.5 mm are back, and keeps front stereospeakers.

I might consider this.

Denis Thomas, 06 Jan 2019Why should I go to Samsung when my Xperia Z5 went to servic... moreI'm just stating the facts

Marko97sx, 06 Jan 2019My friend was making fun of me for years for liking Xperia ... moreWithout a doubt! Cheers!

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2019The AnTuTu test performs differently on Apple devices so th... moreLmao geekbench is iOS supporter haha nice try. Ifans not android leand antututu hah.

Marko97sx, 06 Jan 2019No, we don't have to end this. And no, companies haven't br... moreWhy should I go to Samsung when my Xperia Z5 went to service 6 months ago? Brand new with a new shell as well? It still haven't any external damage and has all the premium features other phones don't have. Like the headphone jack and the small apps?
Why on earth I would downgrade to Samsung? Im a Sony guy.

Just because we catch you on your bull it doesn't mean we like sammy or apple. We simply state the fact. And the fact is, there are more disadvantages than advantages with wireless headphones. That's just it.. Go home.. Deal with it..

Marko97sx, 06 Jan 2019Yeah, because the Z5 Premium, XZ Premium and XZ2 Premium to... moreLol

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2019Well actually there Are really good phones. Sony just don`t... moreWhat's Sony doing wrong? Lack of marketing and high price tags, otherwise their phones are BLOODY AMAZING. I have a 5 y.o. Xperia C, 4 y.o. Xperia SP, 5 y.o. Xperia E (that one lags), 8 YEAR OLD X10 mini, they all work and are flawless (Except the E)

Syuser, 02 Jan 2019Xperia devices are best of! None failed me also nor my frie... moreMy friend was making fun of me for years for liking Xperia phones. Now he, and his entire family uses a Xperia phone. He said he will never switch back to Samsung

Andy , 02 Jan 2019Sony bringing the headphone jack back for the XZ4 after rem... moreAs far as I saw on the renders, the jack isn't coming back