3G Skypephone to be sold by 3

29 Oct, 2007
The long awaited GSM-enabled Skypephone has just been officially announced by Skype and the "3" UK mobile operator. The 3 Skypephone is a 3G mobile phone that lets you make free Skype...

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  • Matthew

Looks exactly like a Nokia 6233. Could be good I guess......

  • Kiryu

I'm loving this phone! crisp clear calls and tons of battery life..i find it not bad having the music player on all day at while doing my job and spending atleast 1hr of talk time a day on it..battery lasts the whole 24hrs lol

  • esmee

you al live in the uk but i live in holland, what if i buy the skypephone in london and bring it back to holland. can i call to london for free with skype account???
they are not selling the phone in holland.

  • MetalPhreak

Just to clarify this for people.

When they say free skype to skype calls, they mean you can call anyone else using the skype client whether its a phone, pda, pc, whatever.

SkypeOut is a service that lets you use your PC to call people on an ordinary phone anywhere in the world cheaply.

  • Expat

Dear skype users
pls visit www.fring.com for more then just Skype on the phone. and by the way there are plenty of handsets which can be used ..as well as different conectivity methods: GPRS,UMTS

  • Matt Prince

Well........ Got my Skypephone today and it is unbelievable. The skype call quality is just as good a cellular. My brother was in bulgaria , i was in the UK and there was no hissing, delays or anything like that. I was very pesamistic but am now utterly impressed. Good work 3!!

  • esmee

i live in holland, can I call with skype to london for free?
and antwerpen?

  • Anonymous

This is an absolutely brilliant idea from 3. T-mobile, orange and vodafone all see skype as a threat, whereas three have just said it's there lets use it and boy have they done a good job. This phone is brilliant value for money and really does do what it claims to do.

  • umair

This is very good mobile and i like it very much.this mobile result is very good and also his software is so good that's vas's I like it very much.

  • Emanuel

To Ciggy:
They mean that it is not possible to call using Skype Out, which you have to use when calling regular numbers, and not Skype accounts.
Skype to Skype means account to account, not account(Skype Out)to a regular number.

  • Ciggy

I'm confussed (easily done)...

As the article says: "the other one is that the Skypephone does not support Skype Out service and hence there is no way to make low-cost long-distance call via your Skype account."

But it says Skype to skype calls are free!
So if I flew to Oz and phoned someone in the Uk on skype, would the call be free?

  • MetalPhreak

Well if three are saying all skype calls are free, then you aren't paying for data charges. So why does it matter if it uses wifi or not instead of the 3g network?

  • Anonymous

so all phones with no wifi are no good?
albeit that most phones nowadays are cameraphones, videophones, mp3 players atc, dont forget that they are all PHONES. used to make PHONECALLS. and beleieve it or not, a lot of people use them precisely for this purpose!!! not everyone needs sat nav etc etc etc....

and once again, skypephone is made by AMOI...

  • kristian

no good at all........... no WIFI>>>>>>>>...
useless just buy a sony mylo.... u can realy use the skype

  • daxus

yes. it seems like sagem

  • Anonymous

brian, its not made by sagem. i work for 3 mobile, its has been made by amoi, who made the ministry of sound phone for us.

  • toufiq

how the skype to skype calls do? is it use gprs?
is the gprs used to transfer voice call from skype network? plz any 1 xplain......???

  • EdyB

The Sk3lephone is only the beginning in mobile voip.It actually is a cheap terminal and very reliable for small groups or couples.Don't judge it to harsh...it costs only 50 pounds :)

  • Brian

Made by.... Sagem believe it or not

  • Anonymous

soon US will be the old dated nation....