3G Skypephone to be sold by 3

29 Oct, 2007
The long awaited GSM-enabled Skypephone has just been officially announced by Skype and the "3" UK mobile operator. The 3 Skypephone is a 3G mobile phone that lets you make free Skype...

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  • ^BUG^

... and US is lagging behind, as usual...

  • Kris

does anyone know if the handset has an inbuilt email client?

  • Jono

On Three.com.au they claim it DOES have WiFi -

"Great internet browsing
For total hassle-free connectivity, integrated wireless LAN lets you hook it up to local computer networks, while BluetoothTM gives you wireless access to your PC and heaps of great mobile accessories."


  • Anonymous

u forgot to mention, on the ree tariff you also get an extra 300 3-3 calls every month, free windows messenger, free yahoo messenger, etc etc etc... quite a lot, eh? ive had a demo of the is phone and its a really nice wee handset, really easy to use the skype on it - and thats the whole point. 3 has had skype available with other handsets before, and i know that you can get VOIP programs for other handsets, but this is really simple on this one, plus the skype contacts are intergrated with your normal phonebook, and you automatically log into skype whenever you switch the phone

  • Anonymous

its amoi that make this handset...

  • Anonymous

It works via the three network, using the 3G capabilities of the network to connect to the internet. There's no need to be in a wifi hotspot. It is made by amoi (i believe)and the skype functionality is in addition to the monthly price. The monthly price gives you an allowance of normal calls and texts or any combination of the two and the free skype calls are on top of that allowance. An excellent innovation!!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know who makes this phone? Looks like a Sagem My600x with new covers...

  • omg omg

looks like a standard nokia phone

  • godfather

Can someone please explain how this skype work,because if you are on a contract obviously you pay for the calls via monthly subs.

  • marmo

how does it work exactly? i mean how does it connect to the internet, via the gsm network or does it use a special connection.
Thanx ;)

  • Anonymous

this phone looks like a kids toy phone however dont know how skype works
it a 3 phone without video calling

  • jugo

I need to now where id the camara dor the 3g videocall thats is the only thing that I need to now, or 3g is only the name of this phone thanks...............

  • Carlos

Telme has a GSM VoIP chip five months ago... it can be used in any GSM phone... I have a Nokia E65 with WiFi and I use the GSM SIM to call in any place, because it can use Internet (through WiFi) or the local GSM network... and I have also the Telme software to make free video calls... so... I donīt understand whatīs the "hot" about this skype phone... it seems to be rater very limited

  • rish

wow if this makes it to the top..everysingle phone companies are gona go down..onces they get new version of this phone like wifi and better camera etc..make a perfect phone of this, i think all phone companies and networks r gona get screwed ovver.

  • Anonymous

Ohhh its a Skypephone loooool

sounds nice-ish lol

  • Anonymous

whos going to make the P

  • Mike

and so it begins, this is the future. if we all have skype then we all make free phone/video calls. what about all the huge phone companys with loads of employee's? they're stuffed!

  • Amarjeet

Best!!!!!!!t of luck

  • Tibi

so, how do you really make this skype calls? using 3G, or GPRS, or what?

  • Secondy!

OK, I give up, I'm second!