Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 pops up on Geekbench with Snapdragon 660

07 January 2019
The phone is also coming with 6 GB RAM and Android Pie out of the box.

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  • 10 Jan 2019

neo, 09 Jan 2019Redmi note 3 is running on 660 =_=650

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    • rJP
    • 09 Jan 2019

    What is parac

      Seriously, Snapdragon 660 in 2019?
      Even Samsung started making Snapdragon 710 devices.
      That is just an old Processor and it's not worth it, because it will fall behind by a year or so.
      I have nothing against Xiaomi, but they should up the processor game.

        hossein, 08 Jan 2019why snap 660? the big mistake xiaomi. snap 670 or 675 even... moreThat would kill existing Mi lineup, not something Xiaomi would do. Mi is still the flagship lineup, Redmi and POCO following behind.

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          • 09 Jan 2019

          Redmi note 3 is running on 660 =_=

            Put a less than 200 price and my customers will snap it from shelves loike a french hot baguetes.

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              • 08 Jan 2019

              why snap 660? the big mistake xiaomi.
              snap 670 or 675 even 710 is better than 660
              please xiaomi replace cpu and use new cpu snapdragon in note7

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                • 08 Jan 2019


                Xiaomi just put effort to barely catching up now, a few of main competitor already use sd 660. I guess the day of xiaomi using highest, unbeatable SoC for dirt cheap price range (mi5, RN3) will never back.

                  hmm, 07 Jan 2019Still these trolls around who are to nab to turn them off. ... moreTurn them off?
                  They can't be turning off by easy way (root your phone, ditch AdsOs)

                  Don't have xiaomi?
                  All My phone are xiaomi, m8

                  I am just kinda disappointed with their AdsOs
                  FYI I am using custom AOSP Rom

                  Then You maybe say
                  But they can instal custom too

                  How many people willing to do it
                  How many people understand about it

                  The only thing they know is xiaomi under default setting have AdsOs and it's instant turn off for many people

                  I am xiaomi fans my self but I don't support dumb decision

                  If they want to make AdsOs in their phone, at least customers must know that xiaomi phone now days are having it (have consent about it)

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                    • 07 Jan 2019

                    Cmon xiaomi I was wating for something better than sd660 Realme 2 pro and asus already habe that chipset and realme 3 pro will be released soon with sd670 or 675(just leaks it may not be true) I think it is time to change

                      Anonymous, 07 Jan 2019You do realise that realme and Asus are both using lower cl... more1. Lol maybe of you knew about real world usage you'd know that 200mhz of clock speed won't make ANY difference, and also this IS the SD660 by QC, lower clock speed doesn't mean lower quality stock lol! It has the same GPU, ISP, modem etc, as another guy posted here. And fyi, Pixels have been using lower clocked flagships SDs. Seriously bro you could have thught a bit before making such a sensational comment! Or are Xiaomi fanboys becoming like Apple fanboys?

                      2. How do you know they are not using under clocked 660? That score actually hints that it may actually be the under clocked one lol!

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                        • 07 Jan 2019

                        Konselor.sakty, 07 Jan 2019Yeah, the Ads stability itself is rock solid. Don't mind... moreStill these trolls around who are to nab to turn them off.
                        I dont have ads turned off but i dont see them in menu. I see ads in chrome browser in local news sites. I have adguard but it dont work or something.

                        Still this ads paranoia by people who dont have Xiaomi devices is getting old already.

                          leledumbo, 07 Jan 2019"While the results of 1462 for a single core and 4556 for m... moreThis is a pre release version. The final version may be faster or its possible they are using a lower clocked SD 660 which would be a shame.

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                            • 07 Jan 2019

                            Just wondering, how much is the cheapest Snapdragon 710 phone selling in India right now and what are its specs?

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                              • 07 Jan 2019

                              Shanti Dope, 07 Jan 2019So Qualcomm made so many great upper mid range chipsets, on... moreUSB C is not a standard, it is the name of the form factor. Underneath it can be usb 2, 3, 3.1, it may have thunderbolt support or not, it can damage your device if used with inappropriate charger or cable etc... The good thing is that it is easier to plug the cable...

                                "While the results of 1462 for a single core and 4556 for multiple cores are in line with other SD660-powered phones"

                                Nah, proper SD660 should yield around 1600 in single core and 5800 in multi core, like my Mi Note 3. Clearly this one is underpowered, probably not to kill existing Mi series that uses the same SoC.

                                  Anonymous, 07 Jan 2019nope nope nope nope .... 660 is like an overclocked 636, so... moreNope, nope, nope, nope. For Redmi it's either go cheap or go home.

                                    MasTomi, 07 Jan 2019Don't get me wrong, SD660 is a great processor for mid rang... moreBecause the older tech is much cheaper and readily available? I can't think of any reason why, since Redmis are made to be cheap. Probably the same reason why they opt to use still the micro USB.

                                      CherryPie., 07 Jan 2019It's not much upgrade, both are old 14nm chips. 3+ years ol... moreWhat I mean is, this is the basic Redmi, so the same-tier ones are expected to have at least SD 660 too. And it using an old tech means its value is expectedly cheap which Redmi line is known for.

                                      The high-tier ones are likely to have the latest mid-range SOC, again priced aggressively to compete with the other brands.

                                        dns4, 07 Jan 2019Dear Xiaomi, please shove that USB port up your.... you kno... moreThere have been hints by Lei Jin recently about type c ports. I really wish it is true.

                                        And if it is not, they should indeed shove it up.