Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 outscores the 710 on AnTuTu, matches it on Geekbench

11 January 2019
The HiSense U30 flexes its Snapdragon 675 muscle.

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  • 22 Feb 2019

Vegetaholic, 14 Jan 2019Its been announced already and its coming with 660, dont yo... moreRedmi Note 7 has the SD660.
Redmi Note 7 PRO will have the SD675.
The other poster was right.

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    • 28 Jan 2019

    They are getting a bit crowded now

      Vegetaholic, 14 Jan 2019Its been announced already and its coming with 660, dont yo... morePlease note that he referred to the Pro version, not the standard Redmi Note 7 which has SD 660.

      The Pro version is not yet announced, but will be in a few weeks. It's rumored to receive the Adreno 615 GPU which would indicate SD670.

      Not too different from when Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro that had SD625 and SD636 respectively.

        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2019I hope xiaomi redmi note 7 pro comes with this chipIts been announced already and its coming with 660, dont you follow news?

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          • 13 Jan 2019

          What a confusing name scheme..

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            • 12 Jan 2019

            ill wait for g7 price to lower down a bit for now I have g5 and it doesn't all I want on a smartphone ... even this phone is self reparable so it can last until 2025 maybe changing screen camera lens and battery with that easy good purchase for this

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              • 12 Jan 2019

              But the GPU below SDM 710.

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                • 12 Jan 2019

                MDFK, 11 Jan 2019Still using my 2 year old axon 7 running on 7.1.1Got an Axon 7s recently, amazing phone with great sound.

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                  • 12 Jan 2019

                  Most Snapdragon 710 phones actually scores in the 165-170k range in Antutu

                  QCOM is

                    That 670 seems like just a lower binned 710. The 675 looks very promising because of those cortex A-76 cores.

                    I wonder if the Redmi Note 7 PRO would be using the same chip, as it does support 48MP shots. If it does, it'll be a hell of a budget phone!!

                      AnonD-241270, 12 Jan 2019my mind is not working that way, 5 years until last 2 i bou... moresame here mate I changed to G6 after 4 years most probably I will change it after another 3 years but I am not gonna buy SD900 or anything latest but I will buy old flagship most probably SD855 or SD865. This method consumerism saves a lot of money.

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                        • 12 Jan 2019

                        Arif238, 11 Jan 2019I bought my G6 in July last year for 221 bucks and LG impro... moremy mind is not working that way, 5 years until last 2 i bought 1 or 2 phones per year but now since the improvements is so short i rater use my phones at least 2/3 years, my G6 need to last until 2021 or 2022...

                        For me is enough, i dont live in a "show off" world when later and greater is the best and spend thousands of dollars in things i never want to or need, my G6 do everything i need now, same as my almost 3 years old V10 so...im happy this way.

                        Maybe when SD900 arrive i buy some new phone. :)

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                          • 11 Jan 2019

                          2x a76@ 2.0 vs 2x a75@2.2 ghz! wow such an improvement.

                            AnonD-241270, 11 Jan 2019well, i have done that comment just because i have a G6 too... moreI bought my G6 in July last year for 221 bucks and LG improves since then that Quad DAC isn't region specific anymore see G7 and don't buy SD835 Powered device now just wait use your G6 till late 2019 and buy a SD 845 powered device G7 and S9 are available for 550 now, by the end of the year it will be under 400 and then I will strike back haha :D

                              Nicolas F, 11 Jan 2019First, please add readability to your comment: punctuation,... moreFirst I am posting my comments on tech website and not sitting in english classroom and by your ability to reply to my comment I understand I was making myself very much clear so what is your point?
                              second thing single core performance is most important thing because apps performance relies on it and very rarely few apps uses multicore and not because I said so and why you didn't said anything about the importance of multicore performance. You see A12 lead the pack in single core but multicore is exact to SD845, Qualcomm putting so much efforts on single core that it made one big core just to increase single core performance. Have have you ever realized why they do so?
                              and S8 is one of the phone mate and if you don't like it's curved diplay then there is XZ1, Pixel 2, V30, 5T, U11/plus and bunch of other option for almost same prices and you have to do little bit of web search of course. That is what I was trying to say it is not about S8 it is about old gen flagship device for current midrange price may be my english is bad but I hope you got my point by now.
                              OMG you seriously said that who cares about GPU in smartphone I care about it all the time and GPU is not only limited to mobile gaming it keeps your smartphone in check like if you have good GPU you won't see stutter in UI it helps in video decoding and of course for gaming I play games like Billion of other users that's why people need good GPU. Go on playstore and check the download count of PUBG, MC5, Asphalt, Mortal Kombat X, FreeFire and there are many titles which needs good GPU then may be you will understand there are quite a number of people who does care about good GPU and please count yourself out you will be good with blackberry.
                              and one last thing according to you SD670 has enough power to run a device smoothly and yes you are right, but you see the life span of a device is important factor too that's why a flagship device runs faster and keeps the balance even after 3 years or long but can you say the same for a midrange SoC?
                              It is called future proofing mate, Flagship SoC runs well and keep you covered for future application , OS upgrades which may demands more CPU and GPU Power and this is what happens all the time. They are making/updating games to look more visual appealing which needs more GPU and CPU Power even in OS Upgrades so old flagship SoC will embrace technological changes very well in comparison to mid range SoC, that's why.
                              And please what I am saying is in general and covers vast topic so when you comment next time please do not keep your comment sticking to one device like you did on S8 example earlier I was talking about SD 835 powered devices not just S8. I like it's display quality but according to you higher ppi which makes a good display even more good is not necessary then fine get a 5T or XZ1 both have 1080p amoled and IPS flat. There it is, I gave you all the option otherwise you will start whining about IPS display has not deep blacks or AMOLED display has burning issues. Seriously man!

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                                • 11 Jan 2019

                                Still using my 2 year old axon 7 running on 7.1.1

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                                  • 11 Jan 2019

                                  Arif238, 11 Jan 2019CHeers mate, last year I was almost end up buying Asus zenf... morewell, i have done that comment just because i have a G6 too and is super well made device, i have it since May last year and until now never dissapointing me...

                                  well, in fact the thibgs i like to have is all falling down from LG like IR blaster (thats why i keep my V10 too) and hifi DAC is only region specific but ok, not that a big deal..

                                  G6 at 270 bucks right now (i give 340 at that time) is a good of a deal for sure, i dont see much of SD835 devices under 350 here so, the most close to that is LG V30...and if i have wating a little more instead of G6 i have bought that one for sure.

                                    Arif238, 11 Jan 2019Hey LOL, It's single core score is what is most necessary ... moreFirst, please add readability to your comment: punctuation, paragraphs - that kind of stuff.

                                    Second, why _exactly_ (not just because you said so) would multi-core performance be less important on smartphones?

                                    Thrid, who cares about GPU on smartphones? It's not a proper gaming platform.

                                    Fourth, as you mentioned S8, I'll tell you why it (and all S/Note 8 and 9) is a horrible device:
                                    - display has curved edges - device is uncomfortable to hold, and content is distorted; and there is quite a pack of smartphones with thin side bezels (although it's not really a matter to acheive) and without curved displays;
                                    - display has too much PPI - there is no need for that on just a smartphone;
                                    - SD670 level of SoC performance is enough, there is no need for more of it in just a smartphone;
                                    - they all have terrible design of back panel - fingerprint reader is too close to cameras; iPhone X style is way better in that matter;
                                    - only SGN9 has decent battery capacity and screen size; if it wasn't curved - would be even better, but previous point makes it anyway unusable;

                                      AnonD-241270, 11 Jan 2019ALELUIA someone understand what i am talking about! cheers... :)CHeers mate, last year I was almost end up buying Asus zenfone Max Pro but bought LG G6 and quite happy with this phones display UFS storage camera rear one only front cam is trash but I don't take slefie anyway so its get the job done. Its fast and runs smooth It can easily last for another year without any problem and enjoying all the goodies of flagship smartphone for less price. I am yet to see a midrange device which can beat LG G6 in it's quality. SD835 powered devices are available for sub under $300 bucks check out those and if a person is updates hungry then go for latetst gen midrange device. But I would trade off one major update instead of two and get a flagship hardware from old gen for the same price.

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                                        • 11 Jan 2019

                                        Arif238, 11 Jan 2019Hey LOL, It's single core score is what is most necessary ... moreALELUIA someone understand what i am talking about! cheers... :)