HTC Wildfire S gets to Android 2.3.5 as well, no Sense 3.0 though

13 December, 2011
Much like the HTC ChaCha, though, the Wildfire S won't be getting to taste Sense UI 3.0.

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  • subbu

Raj, 22 Mar 2012Goto Settings -> About phone -> Software updates. Goggles plastered not inistail

  • bunny


  • rida

Hey frnds plz help I want to upgrade my version into 3.5.0 something and I'm upgrading it too through system update by setting ad half procedure I be done but when I click the install now button It's power off my mobile ad don't starting, jay dim black lights are come into screen. Way to I do now plz tell. Even after I press the install now icon I'dleave it for 1 day and it was in the same condition as before black dim screen. It's nt even starting up. :-( plz help I really wanted to upgrade my version cuz I wanted to play subway surfer in it and temple run too and this 2.3.5 version its nt pairable with this. Plz.

  • Hamza

i am in pakistan how do i update my htc wildfire s to 2.3.5??? plz tell me

  • thousif

hey how to download this you have this software sent to my mail my id is

  • AnonD-96154

do they have the update in germany?

  • umang

good mobile for HTC i like at............

  • Therious Jones

Someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me with the 2.3.5 update and if its been realeased in york Pa i got the virgin mobile htc wildfire S

  • shaikh

can any one tell me about this cell pohne and price of this phone new and old

  • parkash

I have HTC wildfire s, 2.3.5 version, problem with my Google play is, it is stucked on LOADING or sometimes it shows connection error. any solution plz?

  • mnop...

how to come out of EN-XT9 mode of messaging in HTC chacha..i find it irritating..prediction is not checked but still it gives red lines(predicted words) while i type my text..i want normal EN mode of messaging..can nybdy suggest a solution to dis

  • mnop...

am currently using HTC Chacha..i have "force stop" Download manager on my product ...can i get my download manager back to active state when i want to use market..

  • Arvind

Yay....Just got my 2.3.5 update for my htc wildfire S in Bangalore India.....Its got the sense 3.0 lockscreen.

  • kirca

Google Play Store update to newer version 3.7.13

  • AnonD-59689

warch, 23 Mar 2012how did you get it update on 2.3.5 i am from Pakistan nothi... morehave you got your update?i am also on telstra. and I have not got the update till now.

  • AnonD-59689

AnonD-60289, 23 Jun 2012I got the update 2.3.5 in Pakistan with no sense 3.0from where your mobile have been manufactured?

  • akki

updated my phone to unlocking screen and call picking increase in memory though..!! bugs fixed up...
and updated to google play store..!
its a boom success...HTC has well compensated for not giving ICS to the users.
nice one...

  • kirca

kirca, 01 May 2012Currently my operating system is 2.3.5 software number 2.13... moreWith this update (24,7 MB) you can get newer software number 2.26.401.3. The operating system is the same number 2.3.5, only the software number is newer. No change log is providing by htc support page.

In my opinion some software bugs and errors are improved by updating (system enhancement). Has not made some significant changes.

  • rod

I saw this article I checked my phone and yes the download was available UK

  • AnonD-60289

I got the update 2.3.5 in Pakistan with no sense 3.0